Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Care of the people with special skills
Acts 9:32-35

Beena John
ST. James MTC, NY
34 Peter said to him, “Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you; get up and make your bed!” And immediately he got up. 
The book of Acts is a great value to the Christians for many reasons. We see  Jesus commission His disciples to go into the world. Every church is carrying out that commission. It tells us of the relationship to one another and to their other co-workers as they deal with the various problems which they faced as a church. It tells us the introduction of Christianity to the Gentile world and of the struggle for unity between Jews and Gentiles.
Wherever Jesus went He cared for the people with disabilities and showed love and compassion. Peter doesn’t pretend to heal Aeneas by any power of his own, but directs Aeneas to look up to Christ for help. In the same way because of Jesus Christ and His Grace, everything works within us. Christ chose people whose diseases were incurable  and heals them with his Holy spirit. When we are sick without any strength like this poor man, Jesus sent His word to heal us.
We all have different gifts from God.  He gave them to us for the purpose of serving Him and serving others. Each of us has something to give: like we can give money and our time to charity, be a friend to someone who is sick or lonely, be a volunteer worker or be a peacemaker, teacher or minister. We may give  unselfishly of our time. We may choose a service oriented occupation or we may just do our everyday jobs with integrity and respect for others.
All Christians have a vital role in people’s care and we should be at the front of service. We see, we hear, we do- But are we prepared, are we ready to face the challenges ahead of us? It is very important as Christians, that we follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and love all the people we encounter with. God hears the cries of His children and He deeply cares for them. Having a caring heart shows that we are seeking to be like Jesus.


Father, allow us to serve others with a joyful heart. Allow us to give of ourselves and help us to understand the needs of others. Amen
“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”.       Denis Waitley