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 People of God: The body of Jesus Christ

Bible portion: 2 Cori. 5:16-21

Vs 17 So then if anyone is in Christ, he is new creation. The old things have passed away, behold they have become new.

This scripture passage deals with three main points. 1.New creation in Christ  2. Ambassadors of Christ  3.Sacrifice of Christ.   Apostle Paul continues to exhort and explain, how Christians – the body of Christ, with a world view regard Jesus. According to world's standard a successful person is wealthy, educated, respectable and  has a good social position.
Paul himself viewed Jesus the same way before he changed and received salvation; but after being in Christ, the the love of Christ controlled him.
            To be in Christ means to have relationship with him ,and that is only possible when a person trusts in Jesus as his personal savior, repenting of his sins, and committing to follow Him as the Lord. When that happens, God makes that person a new creation, and he no longer live for himself. United
with Christ through faith and full commitment, will lead to a restoration process towards new creation, which is the fulfillment of God's purpose in
creation through Jesus Christ and through Him all things are made and restored anew. 
            Body of Christ is a called out community for the ministry of reconciliation. God reconciled us through  Jesus unto himself, not counting our rebellion and trespasses, but he gave us the privilege and obligation of now being God's instruments to proclaim the message of reconciliation.
God has appointed  His body of people as ambassadors to preach on His behalf the message of the gospel. 
            v.21can be counted as the summary of the gospel – Christ is the only righteous one, at calvary he took our sin upon himself and endured the punishment we deserved namely – death and separation from God. Instead God made it possible to receive His righteousness through Jesus and thereby reconciled us unto Him. Thus we became the righteousness of God – as Jesus's righteousness is imputed on you.  When Gooks  at you, he will see the righteousness of Jesus Christ. He won't see you as a sinner anymore – because you are made holy by the lamb of God.



Lord Jesus , thank you for reconciling us unto the father through your salvific death on the cross and pardoned our rebellion. Help us to live a life of faith  and commitment to you unconditionally throughout our time in this world.

Thought for the Day

God will not look at you as a sinner anymore, because  the salvific death of Jesus has made it possible to reconcile us to God through  Christ.

Dr. John K Thomas

Tabore Mar Thoma Church 

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum