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 People of God: The body of Jesus Christ

 Bible portion: 1 Cori 12:27-31

vs27: Now you are the body of  Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

 In the Hebrew Bible  and old testament, the Israelites are refer-
red to as “People of God” However the new testament teaches us that the Church – body of Christ  is also called  people of  God. Christ made it clear that he did not come to save only Israelites but any one who believes in Him in faith and  through salvation attained by grace.
It is also because  the God is one who calls people to  him. The people of God therefore  are those who have been chosen and are called by and to Him.
         Apostle paul was trying to address to the local curch at corinth.
Each local church is the body of Christ just as the universal church is Christ's body.  All are baptized by one spirit into one body. People of God are regenerated by the Holy spirit and united with Christ as parts of His body. In Christ there is no ethnic or cultural distinction neither slave or free.  God has given the Holy spirit to all his people to indwell
in them , so that their lives may overflow  with the fruit of the spirit.
         Christians are given different spiritual gifts by God according to their capability and as desired by God. Not everyone gets all gifts or no single gift should be expected by everyone.  As the human body has parts that have diversified function, and, as a whole it is for the effective functioning of the body. Similarly the members of the body of Christ  have diversified gifts which can bring about accomplishment of Christ's  desired purpose. Paul stressed  the fact in the soverign purpose of God in diversifying parts of body to create unity in function, the christians in the body of christ should exercise different  spiritual gifts  for God's unified purpose.
          In conclusion,  in v.31 we see that Corithians were apparently seeking status through the exercise of the gifts that seem to them as more important.  But Paul is trying to tell them explicitly that the right way to exercise all spiritual gifts given to anyone should be through the way of Love. Afterall one must understand that Love is more identified as a fruit of the spirit than only a spiritual gift.


Lord, in the soverign purpose, you have given varied spiritual gifts to us according to the need and our capability. Help us to us it for your glory  at all times, not claiming more or undermining what we are given.  Amen

Thought for the Day

Christians  who seem to have less important function in the body of Christ, are actually indispensable.

Dr.John K.Thomas
Tabore Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum