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 Psalm 100

V. 5 : For the lord is good and his  love endures forever; his faithfullness

continues through  all generations.


     Psalm 100 can be considered as a literary masterpiece. It is a psalm to praise the Lord, a protocol for worshipping God.  This psalm does not contain a single concept that is not considered elsewhere in the book of psalms. This psalm reminds everyone that it is inappropriate to go into God's presence  without taking proper preparations  with your body, mind,
heart and soul that acknowledges the holy presence of the King of Kings.
      Is not it interesting that we are ready to wait for hours in line to get a glimpse of some earthly King or a celebrity – yet we think nothing serious when entering the presence of the God the King?
       Let me draw few points for our meditation:  


psa:100:1, Shout to the Lord all the earth, basically referring Israel. This is repetition of psalm 98.4. It is like shouting with joy or cry to get the attention of the triumphant King.


100.2 psalmist here speaks of a specific and personal activity of praising God. We glorify God giving him honor and adoration because he is worthy of it. What is worship: it is nothing but giving honor that is due to him, whose splendor and magnitude is inconceivable and astonishing.

  1. DRAW NEAR TO GOD WITH SINGING:  Music is the form in

which we express joy, praise, and gladness. It is an expression of how we approach God in adoration.  Music is a vehicle and protocol that prepares hearts. If our corporate worship is not an expression of individual worship time, it is not acceptable to God. 4.  ACKNOWLEDGE GOD:  Acknowledging that Lord is God - psa:100.3. We need to remember that as we enter into the presence of King of Kings, it is a sign that we accept Lord Jesus as our savior, and we submit ourselves to his throne of grace.  Acknowledging God is the intellectual side of our worship protocol. Acknowledging the creator of the universe is the precursor of praise. 5. OPEN THE DOOR TO GOD: psa:100:4 As we enter the God's presence, we enter his gates with thanksgiving. We thank God for what he has done, we extol God for who he is, thereby we may get closer to God.   6. BLESS THE NAME OF THE LORD: 100: 4-5.  The word praise means kneel. It shows our respect and homage to God, and true worship always involves falling at His feet. We praise Him for His mercy and kindness, which is eternal, and His faithfulness continues for generations.
         We are given the privilege to meet the King of Kings and go to His presence. Let us not take it for granted the privilege to worship him, but there is certain protocol on how we make ourselves ready to enter into His courts. Amen.


Lord, forgive our ignorance to follow the protocol, and our inability to prepare ourselves to come to the presence of the creator of the universe, Lord of Lords.  Accept us the sinful generation into your presence and bless us. Amen.


Bible is shallow enough that immature can play without drowning but is deep enough that most mature can never reach the bottom.

Dr. John K. Thomas
Tabor Mar Thoma Church, NY

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum