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 Jesus Christ who transforms human situations

Genesis 18: 1-10
                     Today's meditation portion is from Abraham's life. 

We are always limited in time, place, and person. As we navigate through this hard life, it can bring so many ups and downs. Situations like pandemics, wars, and earthquakes can always challenge our existence. Our own struggles and sufferings in life can make life miserable.
Abraham and Sarah's life has so many ups and downs. But at this point, they both were very advanced in age, vulnerable, and weak and perhaps many diseases like osteoarthritis, cataract, anxiety, etc might slowly hit them along with loneliness from having no children. 

The passage mentions that Abraham invited and humbly insisted God stay with him. We are not sure who all are these three visitors, but Abraham calling them Lord, means he realized the visitors are not mere humans. 

How many of us are willing to serve or show hospitality while our own life is very miserable or unsuccessful? We may not be willing to serve due to depression and negativity inside us. 

Who can transform our current situation? As Paul is crying what a wretched person I am, who can save me from this miserable life? Who can bring hope when there is no hope at all?
Abraham gently believed what God promised, that the next year they would have a baby. Sarah doubted. As a post-menopausal lady, she has every reason to doubt. 

But God transforms, all through the Bible we see a God who specializes in impossibilities and works for his chosen ones. Whether it is wars in the OT period or miracles during NT, Jesus is continuously transforming his children's lives. And the greatest transformation He obtained for mere humans is eternal salvation through His death on the cross. A fact that rarely makes us happy. How many of us are rejoicing in our salvation? That we were wretched, naked, poor, and needy and God transformed me and today I am a new creation and my old man is dead and buried and I am living a resurrected life today.

Faith in God should be our pillar. As Paul mentioned in Romans 8: 31, who can separate us from the love of Christ? V 35 If God is for us who can be against us?
Transformation is continuing. It doesn't matter how bad or worse our situation is. Jesus Christ is transforming us. Like Abraham, gently, and politely accept the Promises and move forward. May the Lord bless us.

Father, "You are the journey and journeys end and to see you is the beginning and the end" and need this transformation. Amen.
                             THOUGHT FOR THE DAY
    The transformation of our souls is more important than our outward situations. When our soul transformed our vision changed!
                                     Dr. Jereesh John
                             St. Thomas MTC, New York

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum