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 Living on the Edge

Luke 1:5-23

Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.” (Luke 1:18 | NIV)  

Many a times, we are confronted by situations of living on the edge. A life on the edge probably can be understood as a moment or moments when we have reached a degree of tolerance to a particular thing or when we are facing decisive decisions that can make or break us. And during these moments we are confronted by questions of “How,” “why,” and “what.” Just like Zechariah who asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this?” We are also confronted by similar questions during such situations. 

Zachariah would have been living on the edge. Because he was a priest and his wife was barren and also because perhaps he was probably frustrated by the questions or looks of people regarding the barrenness. However, it is in such moments of living on the edge, that we learn more about God and His ways. For example, look at Abraham. He was always on a journey, and such a life is like living on the edge. 

There was a threat to his life and his wife’s, not to mention all the uncertainties of life on the move. But he learned about the calling of God, the ways of God, the promise and faithfulness of God. Moses is another example. While facing pharaoh and leading the people out of Egypt and also through the desert, he learned about dependence on God. He used to stammer, but he learned about delegation and teamwork. 

In Zachariah’s life, such a moment of living on the edge taught him about the mysterious ways in which God works. What was the possibility of Zechariah’s division to be selected by lot for duty before the altar. God definitely works in mysterious ways. God will place us in the right position in the right place at the right time without we doing anything. David was the last of the brothers but in God’s eyes he was the man after God's heart. But as God works in mysterious ways, so also he exposes areas in our life that we thought would not have existed. That’s what moments of living on the edge does. It brings to the forefront, issues in our life or spirituality that we thought would not have existed.

Otherwise, how can we explain Zechariah, a priest, being startled at the sight of the angel. We’ll think it’s natural. But remember if anyone should have being prepared it should have been him. “How can this be?” is the question we have to ask to Zechariah regarding the doubt in Zechariah’s mind about the plan of God. Sometimes the most prepared in terms of prayer, and worship to God will find themselves the least prepared in terms of facing god, and walking in the ways of God. 

But when our weakness is exposed and we are vulnerable that is the time we experience the strength of God. No wonder the apostle Paul says “when I’m weak then I’m strong.” And Sometimes experiencing the strength and glory of God, would mean that we should be silenced just as Zechariah was silenced.

Oh Lord, I cannot sometimes control the situations which lead me to
living on the edge. But when I’m in such a situation helps me to grow in you. Even though I fall down, lift me up. Even though I choose to ignore your ways, discipline me in your ways. so that your purpose and plans would be revealed and glorified through me.

Thought of the Day
Living a life on the edge with God gives us an edge over situations because God is the one who takes us beyond the edge.

Rev Abraham Kuruvilla

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum