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 Journey with the Risen Christ

St. Luke 24:13-35
This passage communicates to the reader about hope and salvation, importance of table fellowship, fulfillment of scripture, and how those who have not seen Jesus get to know Him.  This passage communicates all these things during the journey to Emmaus.  The town of Emmaus is a very little known, it is about 7 miles from Jerusalem.  Two men journeying to Emmaus was met by Christ who went along with them.  Jesus asked them the question "What are you walking and discussing?"  They replied how this man (not knowing it was Christ) was not aware of the events that took place.  They were upset of the outcome of the events took place because it did not go according to what 'they' had envisioned.  The thing to note is the word 'they'.  We should understand that whatever is the will of God, should not be what we should vision but rather we should pray for God's perfect will that surpasses our expectations and understanding, trusting God's way is the perfect way.  Jesus rebuked them for not understanding the words of the prophets about who the Messiah is and how He would suffer.  The two men were astonished by the dialogue from this 'stranger' and asked Him to stay with them.

The last part we see Jesus having fellowship with the two men.  Jesus' bodily presence took the bread, blessed and broke it.  By this, immediately their eyes opened and they realized that it was indeed Jesus Christ.  One second Jesus was a stranger to them and then the next their eyes opened and they realized who He is.  This realization experience should be evident to us during Holy Qurbana.  We as a community have a direction in our worship, which means we have a focused direction, having our eyes fixed on God.  As these two men went towards a direction with Christ, Qurbana should guide us to move towards a direction, and the breaking of bread should enable us to have a humbled experience to acknowledge God's unconditional love that can move us with commitment and joy with the response as these men said “Were not our hearts burning within us".  May we be challenged to journey with the Risen Christ with our minds set on things above.
Triune God, help my life journey include You, guide my direction to be Your way, in Christ's name, Amen.

Thought for the day:
"In all true faith there is complete committal to God."- Lee Roberson

Rev. Jess M. George
N.E. Youth Chaplain, NY

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum