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 Overcoming the Addictions

St. Matthew 18:6-11

Addiction is the manic dependence on ‘ANYTHING’ which in turn drags us away from our true God given purpose. An addict not only destroys his/her own life, but also of the life and purpose of the people associated with them. Addiction is like a millstone fastened around your neck (v.6); it will take you down to the bottom and will never let you rise. The biggest victims of our addiction are of course the family members. Most of us are at the least addicted to our cell-phones or at least know a person who is an addict to ‘something’. Let’s introspect, how much time and energy did we waste on our addictions! 

Battle your Addiction

Matthew 18 begins by introducing us the disciples who are addicted to ‘attention’, ‘power’, and ‘position’; which most of us all are. But Jesus instead of merely giving a reply brings in front of them a child and asks them to be like the child. Nothing can encourage us like someone else’s good example. Children will not necessarily be “best” in the kingdom but rather symbolize those who are small in their own eyes, innocent, and simple of faith; it is they who will be first. So let us humble (v.4) ourselves, giving up all pretensions of self importance, and self-reliance and turn in trust to the Heavenly Father.

Beware! You are under Surveillance

We are living in a world of surveillance. You never know who’s watching you at this moment. It can be your child, sibling, spouse, friend, colleague, or a random stranger. Knowingly or unknowingly we influence people in our lives, especially children. It is a sin to deviate from the God-given purpose but it’s a greater sin to make others deviate through our way of living. A child can learn to swear or can pick up a habit of smoking from the parents. Hence one must live one’s own life of discipleship in such a way that no stumbling block is placed in the way of the weaker members of the community (v.6-7). We find that Jesus could influence Peter to the extent that even while denying Jesus, his accent identified with Jesus. Let us introspect- Are we a good influence or a bad one!


 O Lord, help us to overcome our temptations and help us to influence others to follow your way. Amen.

Thought for the Day

To belittle you have to be little. – Khalil Gibran.

Rev. Kiran Samuel Marthomite
Athirunkal Salem Mar Thoma Church 
Rajagiri Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum