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 FAMILY: Replica of the Kingdom of God

St. Luke. 2:41-52

Family is a gift from God. It is a fellowship of obligations, responsibilities and privileges. It is a meaningful sharing community. Family must be a a group of people who are dedicated and obedient to God's will. The family is a place instituted by God for God to dwell in. The family should share God's love
in joyous relationships.
Through our families
God wants faith to be manifested. If that is God's will for our family, then our faith should rearrange everything else in our lives and control the decisions and direction of the family. If we want our children to have a long spiritual life, we must train them in godly devotion.

How we can practice faith in the family?

1. Speak the faith
Our conversation reveals our interests. The importance of our faith, both spiritually and personally, is reflected in how much we talk about it. As parents, we have the opportunity to talk daily about our faith through simple things, such as praying together, reading the Bible together, and discussing how it can be a blessing to our culture and daily life.
Share our faith as a family. Allow and encourage discussion of beliefs and values. Do not be afraid when children ask questions. Encourage it. Do not degrade them when they try to question their faith. We must teach them the faith and guide them unto the truth.

2. Live by faith

We must live in it more than we talk about faith. Because the medium that convinces us of the uniqueness of our faith is our life, which is always seen or experienced by those around us. With our examples, we can either build or destroy faith in others. And that faith will determine whether the future generation chooses or not our faith.
Parents should practice what they say. Sadly, many who have forsaken the faith of their parents did so by their mother and father because they were hypocrites who failed to show real faith in them. Faith must be lived. Seeing her mother-in-law's faith, Ruth tells Naomi, "Your God is my God."

3. Carry out Faith

The Our faith that is practically incorporated into our daily lives is our testimony. When we ask others to forgive, we must forgive others. If we want our children to read the Bible, they must see what we read. Kids are the best imitators, so give them something to imitate best.
For this, our faith should influence our daily decisions, the way we treat others, and the way we treat each other in the family. The use of time, words, actions, and resources should be in a faith relationship.
A Christian family should be caring not only for those at home but also for others, especially those who are poor and vulnerable in society. We do not live for ourselves and our own. They must stand for justice. The family should rejoice in doing good. In this way, our godliness is manifested, among others.
May God bless our homes.
Lord Bind your love to our hearts so we can live in perfect unity together
Thought for the day.
"Unless Yahweh builds the house, the builders work in vain" (Psalm 127.1)

Rev Thomas P Koshy, Kuzhikala mar Thoma church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum