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 Christ The Great Teacher

James 3: 13-18
Vs 17 :  And goodness in the harvest that is produced from the seeds the peacemakers plant in peace.

The word 'Teacher' plays a great role in the scriptures. Jesus is the only great and real teacher comparatively to any other teachers on the Earth. Even  in the scriptures, Jesus was addressed as a Teacher directly in the gospels 60 times. This was how the disciples also referred to him. When Nicodemus came to Jesus,  he said, “We know that you are a teacher who has come from God” (John 3:2). The real, humble, honest, loving and non judgmental nature of Jesus makes Him a great teacher among everybody else. 

Letter of James, also called Epistle of St. James the Apostle. James wrote the letter to the early Christian churches (“to the twelve tribes in the dispersion”). Some hold that this expression refers to Christians in general, but the term “twelve tribes” would more naturally apply to Jewish Christians. The letter of James was written sometime before AD 69 or AD 62 when James was martyred. During those days the people who use to teach God's word and Law were considered as teachers without considering whether they really doing justice to their call. They were the teachers but not the real ones like Jesus was instead they were the reel ones,  the one who wear mask in order to impress others so that they can make name and fame. They preached about God's word and faith but never practiced the same in reality. St. James the Apostle knew the truth. Verses 13-18, James questions, warns and also shows the right path to the reel teachers so that they can throw their reel self, live a true, honest and Faith-Centered life and also witness themselves doing justice to their calling. 

Verses 13, "Is there anyone among you who is wise and understanding? He is to prove it by his good life, by his good deeds performed with humility and wisdom." James begins with a question, Who is wise? Here, being Wise doesn't mean the mere head knowledge instead the spiritual knowledge that can be achieved only from seeking God faithfully and walking on His path righteously. "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding" (Prov 2:6). After putting that question to the people James then challenges them to prove it though their life and good actions which means faith. According to James a person living in faith without actions is dead. James 2:17, "So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.

Verses 14-17, James acknowledges, distinguishes as well as explains the qualities and fruits of the Earthly and Heavenly Wisdom. Earthly wisdom doesn't descend from heaven whereas Heavenly wisdom descend from heaven. The qualities of Earthly wisdom are nonspiritual, demonic, jealous, bitter, selfish, boastful, prejudicial and hypocritical whereas Heavenly wisdom is pure, peaceful, gentle, friendly, compassionate, non-prejudicial and non-hypocrites. The fruits of Earthly wisdom is Evil and disorder whereas Heavenly wisdom bears the fruit of goodness.

Verses 18, And goodness is the harvest that is produced from the seeds the peacemakers plant in peace. St. James the apostle advises the teachers to become peacemakers. The farmer who sows good seed can expect a good harvest. Similarly, Christians who sow peace by building good relations with others can expect to see a harvest of righteousness in their lives. Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons of God (Matthew 5:9)

Are you a peacemaker? Being in a profession or not it's time for you to introspect whether you are contributing peace to your surrounding? Are you doing justice to your calling? Are you living while sowing the seeds of goodness in life? Are you faith cum action believers or faith cum non-action believers? James wants us to introspect in these areas of our life as life lead in goodness rewards the eternal life that Jesus Christ offers.

Lord, help us to sow the seeds of goodness and righteousness wherever we are placed and   also enable us to witness living our life with action oriented faith instead of just mere speech oriented faith. Amen

Thought of the day
Let's introspect ourselves, whether we want to continue following the Earthly wisdom in order to live a boastful life that makes a good impression on others or want to live by seeking God to dwell in ourselves the heavenly wisdom in order to glorify and praise His holy mighty name. Whom are we gonna seek?

Nisha George
W/o Rev. Josemon John
Marthoma Church of Perth, Australia

Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church

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