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 Theological Education : For the Strengthening of Faith

St. John 12: 20-26
There were three aspects in Jesus' ministry: preaching, teaching, and healing. The Word of God is to know, obey, practice and use and to witness. In many ways, we engage in matters of faith in our daily lives. We strive to nurture and grow in our faith through worship, mission, the struggle for justice and peace, evangelism and education.

A proper theological foundation is needed for the church to be strong and grow. Only through a good, comprehensive theological education the Church can realise the truth and correct their mistakes wisely. Theological training helps God's people to read, study, understand and teach the Bible relevantly.
Theological consciousness helps to gain a deeper understanding of the Almighty, to work responsibly to perfection, and to recognize heresy.
How and where to carry out faith formation and empowerment.

1. Family is the school of faith formation and nurturing.
God wanted the people of Israel to keep his words in their hearts and obey them. It must be taught to future generations. Parents are the first teachers of faith. Home becomes school when they teach their children. God's commandments should be written on the walls of the house. Everyone should see and read them. Thus, the people of Israel were 'led by the word of God.' Even today, our homes must be built on God's Word. The Bible teaches that a childs's conduct should be regulated according to the Word of God.
Paul uses Timothy in his missionary work because of the testimony, interest, and faith of Timothy, who was raised by his mother Eunice and grandmother Lois. We must understand the role of families in faith formation in these days.

2. Theological Education is the responsibility of the church.
Jesus' teaching for three and a half years, to the disciples was unparalleled. That was not the gospel of superficial prosperity, but rather it was a call to 'take up the cross' and 'to fall into the earth and die as a grain of wheat' and 'bear fruit'.
He called not only to hear the word but also to obey it and live in it.
God has provided a variety of ministries to help the church to grow in God's Word. In all ministries from the Sunday school level onwards, the Church aims that all should grow in the training of the Word of God. It is essential to have a good theological understanding before we take up the responsibility of preaching the gospel.

In recent years, the influence and effectiveness of Sunday school, faith training, and Bible study have been declining. The theological practice of the church is often driven out by other competitive priorities. As a result, the very foundations of faith are shaken.

In the midst of the tests of faith we always need the strong foundation of the Word‌. The church must take seriously the character formation of believers, the teaching of the faith, and the testimony of believers. Exhortation, worship, and ministry are equally important. The Mar Thoma Church always corrects and reforms the practices and rituals of the Church through the Word of God. The foundation of faith gave us the zeal to fight against superstition and injustice and immorality . May the theological understanding helps us to bear witness with the right virtues, vision and faith in life.

Heavenly Father, help us gain a deeper understanding of yours. Amen

Rev. Thomas P. Koshy

Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum