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1 Corinthians 15: 42-58

V45 Thus it is written, “the first man, Adam became a living thing, the last Adam became a life giving spirit”.

                       1 Corinthians 15  is known as the resurrection chapter.  If we read the whole chapter, it gives  the historical facts of Christ' resurrection.If resurrection is not true, then Christianity is lie.  V.45-58  teaches the Corinthian church that resurrection gives us victory over loss, victory today, victory at the end times, victory over death, and victory over life. 

                        Apostle Paul wants the reader to understand that physical life is perishable and the spiritual life is imperishable. Death is dishonor and resurrection one of glory.  Mortal body is one of weakness, and the resurrected body is of power.

Resurrection gives us a sure hope that if one is in Christ, their body is like the seed sown into the earth – perishable, and it will be raised  to be imperishable when  the Son returns.  The power of the  resurrection  we see from the tomb gives us the victory and a glorious hope.  First Adam received life, last Adam (Jesus) is a life giving spirit. First man was made out of earth, second man was made out of heaven. 

                        Paul says that it is a mystery we do not  understand. At the blast of the trumpet; in a blink of an eye, we all are going to be changed. The dead will be up from their graves, everything perishable will be replaced by the imperishable, Mortal beings are replaced by immortality. It was sin that  made death so frightening  and gave its destructive power.  But in a single victorious event, all three - sin, guilt, death - are gone by the gift of our Lord and master Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


Dear Jesus, thank you again for your resurrection, and the victory you earned  through the death on the cross.  Thank you Lord for the forgiveness and redemption from sin and the eternal life and hope you promised. Amen.


“ The central message of the Easter is that God still loves us, and because of Christ, we can be forgiven. He came for one reason, “ Christ died for the sinners once and for all, to bring you back to God”. Billy Graham.

Dr. John K. Thomas  Tabor MTC  Staten Island

Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum