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 Resurrection - Celebration of life

Isaiah 60:12-21


V16b:  and you shall know that I, the Lord am your savior and your redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob.

The major focus of discussion in this chapter is the transformation of the people of God  who were in exile  in Babylon.  God's wrath was upon them for their rebellion and sin.

It has reference to the present day church   in this evil age.  A group of people who  sinned against God and were previously under the wrath of God, are now in the process of being restored.  The true people of God in every age are shielded  from God's wrath work of  Lord Jesus.

                         Prophet Isaiah  is boldly telling the people of  Israel, that a reversal of God's wrath  is possible, if they will turn from their rebellion  to repentance.   If so, God will save them, He will  be their everlasting light,  He will share His glory with them and will bring them back to their land and will give back their wealth.   Those who oppressed, Israel will be brought low, and she will be exalted over them, and will experience and exemplify the  righteousness of  God. God wants to tell the world   that Jerusalem is His chosen city, and David is his chosen King. God will ultimately make each one who are righteous in Him his child.

When we study the Bible, God chose such a place as His own, independent of who happens to live there at any given moment of time.  Israel is called by historians a the “Navel of the world because of  situation in  the  world map.  In V:17,18  God is promising to the dispersed,  Israelites  that  they will be gathered  together and will be given a superiority of substance and security.  Nothing is impossible to God - even reinstating  or transforming the down trodden  people  to something with the abundant blessings.  This is exactly the message of Easter, where resurrection of our Lord brought back salvation, peace and hope to the world  who were rebellious and sinful.  A repentant  sinner will enjoy  transformation and reinstatement to a new creation in Christ Jesus.


Dear Lord, forgive all our transgressions  to  your law, that separated from your love. Please transform us to be one with God , so that we will be free from  eternal damnation.


Repent, renew and rejoice  in Him and enjoy peace, hope ,joy and eternal life.

Dr. John K.Thomas  Tabor MTC

Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum