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Psalm 133

 v1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when bothers dwell in unity!

           Abraham Lincoln once said,” A house divided against itself, cannot stand”. Society is divided everywhere you look today, but you and me, don't have to be a part of the divisive and disheartening spirit.  Instead, God's word admonishes us to be a peacemaker, and start training now for the glorious kingdom to come. Harmonious relationships, whether in our homes or in the church do not happen automatically or effortlessly. They take continuous hard work.

            We preserve and perfect, unity by growing in understanding biblical truth so that we know Christ more deeply.  The Jewish people sang psalm 133 to express their joy in coming together for worship at the temple, where God promised to meet them. This psalm imparts blessing and life to God's people. Likewise, the risen Lord creates a new family of worshiping community, of those who believe in his passion and death on the cross.  Jesus gave everything for his church who is his bride.  So those of us who are his disciples are expected to be united as one family of believers in Christ. 

             Moses ordained Aaron to the priesthood by anointing his head with oil. Indeed, the oil is poured out lavishly on the head of the priest, and it runs down the beard of Aaron on to the collar of his robe. The generous quantity of oil adds to the picture of the community gathering as a sweet pleasant time together. For Christians   the oil signifies worship, feasting, celebration in unity.

             In present times, when we face uncertainty due to the pandemic, and economic distress, Psalm 133 is like water on parched ground. People who are estranged and divided from one another need God's call to live together in Unity. For them, this Psalm offers hope and nearness in Christ. So, wherever people live in harmony, humility, love and avoiding spiritual pride, unity will evolve as a bye product.

Lord our merciful Father, oftentimes we opted to live in disharmony, and strained relationships, due to divisive spirit, lack of love, humility and inability to accommodate the other.  Please strengthen our hearts to live in unity among believers. Help us remember the cost of the church Jesus attained by his precious blood.  Amen.

Differences among people should make us stronger, not weaker. Let us not be deceived.

Dr.Sherin  Varghese  Baltimore MTC   MD

Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum