Sunday, October 14, 2018

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Recognize the Differently Abled
Psalms 111
Lord, have mercy (Kyrie Eleison) on my son (Psalms 115:15). 
A man brings his differently abled son to the One who has the power to deliver him. The Contemporary English Version says the child had "a bad case of epilepsy". What is important is that Jesus accepted the father's faith on behalf of his son and healed the child. Many differently abled people are unable to coherently argue their case or even offer a proper prayer. A key mission of the church is to intercede for others before God. In the corporate worship of most Eastern churches the congregational response to intercessory prayers is Kyrie Eleison (Lord, have mercy). When we are face to face with God Almighty, our only role is to plead for mercy, on us, our dear ones, the church, and the universe at large.
Intercession is not a passive process but should lead us to decisive intervention, on behalf of the differently abled. In Mark 2:1-12 we read of the friends of a paralyzed man who broke into a house so that they could present their friend before Jesus. The established orders of our society are often a hindrance against the liberation of the weak and vulnerable people. To set free the differently abled, the law and order around us may have to be challenged.
Today there is a serious debate in scientific, political and theological circles on the great questions of life: When does life (and the sanctity of life) begin - at conception, or a certain period in pregnancy, or birth? Should terminally ill people have the right to end their painful lives? What is the response of the faith community to abortion, euthanasia, stem cell therapy and other bio ethical questions? While we do not have the answers to these difficult (and rapidly evolving) issues, we continue to plead before God, the scientific community and the larger society on behalf of our differently abled brothers and sisters.
God have mercy on us who often stand in the way of your peace and justice for the differently abled,Amen.
Differently abled are differently blessed by God.
Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church