Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Woe unto Those who Persecute the Poor
Micah 2:1-10

Alas for those who devise wickedness and evil deeds on their beds!  (v la).
Consumeristic culture makes one operate in a planned and calculative nature with an aim for competing, in order to achieve pleasure, power and profit. The Prophet Micah in this text preaches powerfully against the dishonest ways of plundering and accumulation by the powerful at the expense of the poor and powerless.
1. Just God who Warns and Acts against Injustice: Prophet Micah makes a forceful case for a Just God who is active in the world to thwart all injustice. Those upon whom the woe is pronounced are described here as lying awake on their beds at night thinking about corrupt schemes for increasing their own resources at the expense of others especially the poor and the less powerful. Innocent people are being exploited by the powerful and the rich. They became the prey to the covetousness of the greedy people. Micah proclaims the God's woe in the midst of this context against those who persecute the poor. It gives new assurance and hope for the poor and the persecuted. Here Micah portrays the character of a just God who loves justice and hates injustice.
2. Just God who Inspires to be the Instruments of Justice: This text teaches that people suffer not because of God's doing, but because of the evil done by other human beings. Lack of contentment in life prompts everyone to exploit the resources of others. Dignity and worth of others especially the poor and the less powerful are not recognised. In the midst of this corrupt practices and growing injustices, God calls and gives us the responsibility to be the instruments of justice. Plundering at the expense of others. We must respect and affirm the dignity and the value of others. It is what God desires from us. This text powerfully portrays the picture of a just God who warns and acts against injustice. God also demands us to be the instruments of His justice. Let us rededicate our lives to be the faithful instruments for establishing God's justice in this world.
Gracious Lord, help and strengthen us to be the instruments Your justice in this world, Amen.

God is concerned for the poor.
 Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church