Friday, September 7, 2018

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Mother with Divine Values
1 Samuel 1:1-20
So in the course of time Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel, saying, "Because I asked the Lord for him." (1Sam 1:20)
Hannah is the woman who personifies ideal motherhood. Hannah, the favorite wife of Elkanah was a woman of unblemished character. She was pious and was very much aware of the crisis situation of her nation which was facing lack of moral direction.
An ideal woman who used prayer as a tool for the reformation of her community: Childless Hannah poured out her soul before God in His house. Her prayer was not a selfish prayer for getting a son. She promises God that if he is given a son he will be given back to God for His will. She was a wonderful woman who used prayer as a tool for the reformation of her community. We understand about the reformation that happens through her son Samuel from the later chapters. Hannah was not possessive or selfish regarding her son. Hannah got her son for only a short period. But she succeeded in guiding her child to the truth of God and to know the will of God. Our duty is not only to give shelter, protection to our children but we are to be the shapers of our children and be willing to surrender our children to God.
An ideal mother who imparts divine values to the coming generation: In Hannah we see an ideal mother who imparts the moral values to the next generation. She not only feeds her son but also imparts her love, prayer and helps him to know God's expectation about him. Women, as mothers, have a special role in shaping the next generation. In the Bible we can see so many mothers like Jochebed, Elizabeth and Mary who had created commitment and social concern in their children and led their children to the will of God.
If we look to our own mothers we can recollect how they have led us in the right path. I can proudly say that it was my mother who laid the foundation of Christian faith and values in my life. My mother, who became a widow at the age of 44, had to shoulder the responsibility to rear her six girls alone. It was through her heartfelt prayers and unfailing trust in God that she was able to bring up all her children in the Christian faith and values. Every one of us will surely have a story to tell about the prayer love and sacrifices of our mothers. So all women, we are blessed with special talents and are called to prepare our children to be useful to the community and to be partakers in the mission of the kingdom of God.
Lord, we pray for all mothers who undertake the painful task of bringing up their children in this world. Amen.
A mother of faith gives rise to a new generation of faith.
Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church