Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Making One's Marriage Honorable
Mark 10:2-9
Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate (Mark 10:9).
 In Mark 10: 7, Jesus says that" For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife". Before marriage the priority of the bride and the groom was primarily to the parents but once they get married they need to consciously reorganize their significant relationship in such a way that their priority first is to their spouses. Most of the marriages fail or become dishonorable when the couples are not able to reorganize their marital relationship by having a healthy detachment from one's parents.
Secondly in verse 6, Jesus says that "in the beginning God made them male and female". Here what we see is the distinct identity of each of the partners. This distinct identity is not just in terms of gender difference but also a call to respect and affirm the other person and also difference that the person brings into a marital relationship that is complimentary.
Thirdly in Verse 8 we find Jesus saying that "They are joined together and they become one flesh". This joining of the couples according to our faith tradition is that it is not the couples who have selected each other but on the contrary it is our Lord in his unique and divine purpose has joined the couples together. When this thought is affirmed each of the couples will consider their spouse as gifts of God and will never tarnish nor do anything that will bring harm or disrepute either to their spouse or to their marital relationship.
Finally in verse 9, Jesus says "Therefore what God has joined together let no one separate". Marriage is for a life time and this relationship has to be affirmed in its period of entirety till death. When a person gets married he/she has to consciously affirm that the decision that they have taken will be for life time and therefore they will have to take steps to strengthen the marriage lifelong. May our good Lord help us to practice the truths that our Lord has taught us and thus make our marriage honorable.
Lord, we thank you for the precious gift of marriage, Amen.

When we honor each other our family becomes an example for others.
Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church