Monday, September 3, 2018

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Esther 7:1-10

Then Queen Esther answered," If I have found favor with you, O king, and if it pleases your majesty, grant me my life-this is my petition and spare my people-this is my request." (Esther 7:3)
The book of Esther is the story of how a young orphaned Israelite girl from the tribe of Benjamin, who rose from being a former prisoner in exile to the Queen of Persia and saved the Jewish race. The events of Esther take place in Persia where the Israelites had been taken captive by the Babylonians.
Chosen by God to avert destruction: Esther was chosen to be the wife of king XerxesAhasuerus, who ruled an empire stretching from India to Ethiopia, after his divorce with Vashti. Esther and Mordecai saved king's life from a plot. Haman, the prime minister was determined to kill not only Mordecai but also all Jews (Esther 1:6-13). Esther's role in the saving of the Jewish people came after Haman, managed to get a royal decree to kill all of the Jews throughout the Persian Empire. God caused Mordecai to be remembered favorably and publically honored by the king. When king requested Esther's petition, she pleaded for the lives of her people and herself, accused Haman, revealed that she is a Jew and requested deliverance (Esther 7:1-6). Xerxes condemned Haman and honored Esther and Mordecai. Esther was directly chosen by God to avert the destruction of The Chosen People - from whom came the ancestors of Jesus Christ. To commemorate that deliverance, the Jews began the festival of Purim (Esth: 9:18-32), which is still observed to this day.
Risking life to save people: Esther displayed a submissive attitude towards authority and found favor in the sight of all, them that looked upon her (Esther 2:15). She was a Godly woman, who sought God's guidance through fasting (Esther 4:15­17) She bravely approached the king to invite to her banquets (Esther 5:4,7). She relied on God's providential care for her, which strengthened her to approach the king without being called. Esther was a girl who rose from humble beginnings to greatness because she overcame her fear, to find the strength to push past her comfort zone. She was willing to use her position of influence to do good, sacrifice and risk her life to save her people.
We have to use our positions, circumstances and opportunities to serve and to bring out positive change. We need to wait for God's timing in doing things. Esther's life teaches us that, there is a preparation time for the refining of our character. Our background does not hinder our future with God but our Faith does.
Father God, help us always to remember that we all are sent to this world with a special purpose, to serve and to do good where ever we are and to always glorify your name through our lives. Amen.

Life is worthy when it is spent for something worthwhile.
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