Saturday, June 9, 2018

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Apostle- A Man with a Message
Romans 1:1-7
From Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus and an apostle chosen and called by God to preach His Good News" (Romans 1:1)
The book of Romans was written to the Christians in Rome by the apostle Paul. The primary theme of the Book of Romans is Salvation. In verse one of our text Paul introduces himself to the people of Rome in two ways:
1. As a Servant of Christ: Paul is a "bond slave" - a person owned by another. Paul belongs to Jesus Christ, and he was obligated to serve Him.
2. As an Apostle Called by Jesus Christ: An apostle is one who has been sent forth with a message, one delegated with authority to proclaim that message and for Paul it was the Good News. When he addresses the Ephesian believers also, he introduces himself as an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God. In both the cases he is an apostle- a spokesman for God. How did Saul the persecutor became Paul the apostle? It was through a confrontation with the resurrected Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus. During that meeting Saul asked two questions to the Lord.
(1) Who are you, Lord? (Acts: 22:8) (2) What shall I do, Lord? (Acts: 22:10) He got specific replies from the Lord for his questions, which made him to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.Have you surrendered your life to Jesus Christ as a consequence of a confrontation with Him? If not, the word for you today is to do that.
Thus Paul became an apostle- a messenger to convey the Good News of his master, which is the Gospel. Our text for reading referred to above clearly informs that the Gospel of God was not something added along the way by accident. It was planned and prepared by God through His prophets in many ways. The Gospel of God concerns the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord, who has two natures- the human nature as the son of David and the divine nature as the son of God (V.3). God's unique commandment in this age is that man should believe in His son Jesus Christ, for salvation. God is looking for messengers to carry his Gospel today. We who are foolish, weak, and lowly are chosen by Him to fulfill this task. Are you ready to proclaim this Gospel to others?
Merciful Lord, make us your messengers of Good News today, like you had chosen your servant Paul. We surrender our lives to your Holy will. Amen.