Thursday, March 1, 2018

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

A Declaration of Deliverance
Psalm 40
 Vs.17. ...."You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God."
 Many of us may have been enamored by superheroes like Batman, Flash and others. All of these individuals seem to have one thing in common: they provide deliverance. Whether it was the damsel they rescued or the young boy that hears about his super hero saving the day, all who witness their heroic efforts do not hide their feeling of safety or thanksgiving: they tell it to the world. However, before a man in a cape or a fitted leotard was ever made known, the psalmist in this passage tells us of a similar story of someone who continually saves the day (in more ways than one): God. But are we quick to share our deliverance to the world or do we hide it, afraid to share the good news?
    We are all guilty of it. We have been bought at a price - the blood of Jesus Christ. And yet, despite this heavy price paid, we go through our lives unable to recognize God’s grace and mercy. We have become so accustomed to Jesus “saving the day” that we can’t distinguish our blessings from His benevolence. Benevolence is an act of kindness but that’s not what God bestows to us: its continual blessings, God’s favor and protection. Yes, we can describe God as kind and benevolent but what He gifts us aren’t just tokens of kindness; they are gifts of continual deliverance-blessings. So how can we be more conscious of our deliverance one may ask? Psalms 40 has a very effective method to do so:
Acknowledge our Deliverance: (Psalms 40: 1-5): In this section of the passage, the psalmist does not hesitate to proclaim that it was God that had heard his plea and rescued him.
Declare our Deliverance: (Psalms 40: 6-10): The psalmist professes that God required no offering of any form except “an open ear” to hear God and form that connection, that relationship. He also assures God that he will not hold back his testimony from the “great congregation” but proclaim it for everyone to hear!
Ask for Deliverance…Again :(Psalms 40: 11-17): We can picture, the psalmist is on his knees at this point, begging for God’s blessings: His favor and protection in the days to come. The psalmist understands that it is only God who has brought him thus far and only God who will carry him further so he does the only thing he can: he asks for more!
Time and time again, we have been delivered by God but sometimes we forget to give Him due credit and portray our deliverance as declarations and testimonies for His glory. And finally, we must ask Him to continuously deliver us and “do not delay.”
Thank You, Lord  for Your continued deliverance. Give us the spirit and the voice to use these experiences as our testimonies to the world. You are our help and deliverer, Oh Lord. Do not delay. Amen.
Trust in Your Deliverer. Use Your Deliverance as Your Declaration.

Swana Thomas, Christos MTC, Philadelphia
Christian Education Forum, Diocese of NAE of the Mar Thoma Church