Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Mission of sharing Christ
Vs.49”…,I am sending upon you what my Father promised;…”
Luke  24 is about Christ’s appearances after resurrection. He walked with two travelers on their way to Emmaus(Vs.13-32).They (one named as Cleopas) were running from Jerusalem,  where the crucifixion took place. The “risen Christ” joined them on their journey, talked to them and clarified the scriptures. They returned to Jerusalem and shared the news with ten of the disciples who were gathered in the upper room on Sunday evening.
In Vs.36-43 we find that when they were talking about resurrection, Christ  came to their midst and greeted them. He showed the marks on His body and broke bread with them. He then entrusted them the duty of carrying the Word to all the nations.
For our meditation, let us focus on the three main dimensions regarding mission.
1.       Mission is sharing Christ’s peace in the peace less world: 
Christ appeared to the disciples when they were filled with fear. They locked themselves for safety in the upper room. Christ went to them, even though the doors were locked and greeted them with Peace. He showed them His wounds and marks. He greeted and ate with them.
Despite of His wounds and pain, He came to greet the disciples with heavenly peace .Peace from Christ is not the absence of pain or struggle but it’s the presence of to face the challenges.We receive “heavenly peace” from the Holy Communion.After the final benediction we are send to the world to be the agents of  peace in the peace less world.
Michelle Knight (a young single mother when she was kidnapped by a local school bus driver at Cleveland) came out with a book narrating her peace she regained after one year of freedom,in her book, “Finding Me".It narrates about the peace she found to face the world.
      2 .Mission is sharing the love and fellowship of Christ:
They not only received greetings from the Risen Christ, but also got the fellowship of eating together(Vs.42,43). Thus they regained the joy and happiness. Holy Communion is our meal with the Risen Christ. We participate in it not to quench our hunger but to experience the love and fellowship of Christ.
We need to work as the true bearers of love and fellowship to the people around. Involved in our daily chores and duties we are very busy and often unable to give joy and fellowship to even our family members. Mission has to start at home and in our neighborhood.
3. Mission is sharing the message of salvation from Christ:
Christ told his disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. Wait to receive the “power on high”.Vs.49.Mission entrusted is to be proclaimers of Gospel. We, as contemporary, disciples have the responsibility to spread the Gospel through our actions and reactions, verbal and non-verbal dealings. We live in a multi-religious/muti-cultural world. We meet people of different faith and even atheists.Is it possible for us to be examples of the Gospel ,in the given context? Remember it is our mission.
Abba Father,help us to carry out your Mission in the given context -Amen.
Rev. Renu John,
St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Chennai