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Overcoming Selfishness

Genesis 13:1-18

“Then Abram said to Lot, “Let there be no strife between you and me……..” Vs.8

Life is full of conflicts, and people handle them in many strange ways. But how do people of faith who depend on the Lord handle the conflicts that arise in their relationships?
In Genesis 13 we can see how Abram, a man of faith, resolved a conflict he had with his nephew, Lot.
Both Abraham and Lot are blessed with an incredible amount of livestock and flocks, so much that the land could not support them both. This put a strain on the land and caused strife between the herdsmen. So Abraham takes the initiative, telling Lot, “we should not be fighting, we are family so let’s separate. Look about you and take what you want and I will take what is left over.”

Now this is extremely generous of Abraham. He is the elder family member who had the rights to first choice. This is also the land God promised him, but Abraham had learned that God could be trusted to protect him and to provide for him so he could offer Lot first choice.

When you trust that God will take care of you, you can be generous toward others.

Abraham appears to value Lot over the land. He refuses to let possessions trump his love for a person. Part of learning to stand down comes from recognizing the value of people. .

Selfishness is a word that we are all too familiar. It’s about our tendency to put ourselves, our needs, our plans, our reputations before other people. of us because of our selfishness tend to think more is always better. If we had more money or time or friends, we would be happier and at peace. But quiet often it is not so.  We tend to put joy on hold until we obtain some goal that we think we must achieve. But we get there only to find out that our desire is even more. We often pursue for higher positions making ourselves getting home much later, sleeping less, and devoting less time for our family and church.

People matter more than possessions. We may get what we want at times, but in the process lose the person.

Thought for the Day

Are we focusing on possessions and selfish achievements at the cost of relationship? Imagine how many conflicts might be resolved if we focused on relating well to each other.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum