Saturday, August 19, 2017

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Mission from Every one to Every where
Matthew 22:1-14Vs
Vs. 2 “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding banquet for his son".
The beauty of the Gospel lies in the parables through which Jesus attempts to make known the depth of the kingdom of God. Kingdom that Jesus proclaims is neither an after-death experience nor an earthly Kingdom with solace and boundaries. It is an experience that Jesus opened which is in us and between us. The parable of the feast gives insight into the different aspects of the Kingdom.
 Kingdom of God - A feast: Feast in the Bible symbolizes fullness of life which is a celebration. It happens in enriched relationships. When Jesus says that Kingdom of God is among you, He intends that there is a possibility of life in you and your relationships. But you have to deliberately search for it and find it.
 Kingdom of God to Everyone: Here Jesus speaks of the experience of the Kingdom made possible to all. Invitation to the fullness of life is extended to all like that of the feast. But only those who are willing to respond to the call is able to experience it.
 Kingdom of God is a Grace:  Those who were invited to the feast were not able to enjoy it. It is not our merits that enable us to enjoy the Kingdom instead it is out of God's mercy that we are able to participate in the Kingdom.
 Kingdom demands Obedience: The invitees are expected to wear the dress prepared for them by the host. Any one who hesitates to wear that dress is not able to participate in the feast. God has His own standards which is essential to experience the feast of the Kingdom and abiding by them is the prerequisite.
God help us to be open, responsive and obedient to participate in the Kingdom experience You have opened to us through Jesus. Amen
Disobedience always bring destruction.

Rev. Denny Philip, Diocesan/Bishop's Secretary