Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Stewardship of the Resource

Santosh Jacob
MTC of South Florida, Florida

17 “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession”.

I have always wondered how I am handling the gifts that I have.  I never quite get the idea that I measure up well to how I think God would want me to take care of them.  I think about the times that I procrastinate and short-change the tasks I have to do.  I beat myself up over the results of my labor.  I think I could give more of my time, talent, and resources.  
I forgot why I am doing these things.  I do not have to prove anything to God.  However, God wants us to give so that we can see how glorious it is to give.  God wants us to see how wonderful it is to see our brothers and sisters enjoy life when it is shared with a loving heart.  In order to see that, we need to embrace the loving heart attitude of our stewardship of the resources God has given to us.  
The best way this happens is to think of a buffet full of food.  There are very few people who can finish all that food in one sitting. Believe me I have tried to make a dent in a buffet meal when I see it.  I will give it my best effort, but imagine the table of food getting filled every hour.  The only way to make sure the food does not go to waste is to share it with our brothers and sisters.  That sharing is with everyone.  God gives us more than we could need.  
Some of us do get the idea that if we share too much, that the table will not get replenished.  We get into the mode of hoarding the resources.  When we have access to an unlimited, bottomless pit of resources, we may forget that God is the source of all our resources. God is replenishing that table as needed. 
When we share our resources, God lives and thrives in our hearts even more.  We become truly His.  If we want to be God’s treasured possession, we just have to live it out in how we handle our resources - time, talent and wealth.


O Lord, thank You for the resources You have for us. Thank You for the buffet before us. Thank You for the people with whom we can share it. Thank You for the heart to want to share it. Amen.

We can try to eat the buffet before us by ourselves,  but sharing allows us to be a treasured possession of God.