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Rev. Manoj Idiculla
Carmel MTC, Boston

Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” Vs.25

This passage is a turning point in the John’s gospel. Jesus performed all sorts of miraculous signs, which led the people flocking to see him. He fed the five thousand, gave sight to a man born blind, raised Lazarus from the dead and later He was anointed by Mary and given a king’s welcome as He rode into Jerusalem.  Jesus is predicting His death and giving this advice to His followers and hearers.

There are three words used for life in Greek - Psuche, bios and zoe. By our natural birth, we human beings possess the soulish (psuche) life and the physical (bios) life. But when we believe in Jesus Christ, we experience the divine life (zoe).  This brings us back to God’s original intention for us, which is that we would have His life. God wants us to increase the divine life in us which should be manifested to the people around us.

Two types of life are emphasized in verse 25. One is psuche - the worldly life and the other is zoe - Eternal life.

God wants us to find the higher kind of life, the GOD-kind of life - Zoe life. GOD does not want us to settle for worldly life. Jesus further states the paradox like this: if you hate your life, you will preserve it. The hate language in the Jewish mind was more closely related to comparison and priority than what we think of as hatred. Jesus is saying that if you prioritize things of the kingdom, you will guard your life, preserve it, or gain it.

If one seeks Christ, and spends his days laying down his life for others, he will experience the fullness of life, as he focuses on the greatest treasure - Christ! Here the loss of life is the emergence of new life. When we foster and embrace the things in the world, our tendency to embrace the eternal and to do the good decreases. It makes us find our joy in the things that will not last, which eventually will disappoint us.

On the whole, this passage clearly tells us that serving and following the Lord will keep our life here on earth and eternity.

What do you possess and pursue? What attitudes, what longings, what things draw away your affections and destroy your life? …. Matters a lot.


Almighty Lord, teach and empower us to prioritize Christ and His kingdom in our life. Amen.

“Jesus does not identify true saving faith by its perfection, but by its affection. Those who truly come to Christ love Him above all things—all sin, all self-righteousness, all relationships, all self-will.”–MacArthur.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum