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Priests: Called for Divine Ministry’

Gracious Jon
St. Andrews MTC, NY

Extol the Lord our God, and worship at his holy mountain; for the Lord our God is holy. v9

The Holiness and Divinity of God is a key characteristic that is repeated throughout the Bible.  We have the privilege to approach God as we are, but we are not exempt from living holy lives.

The passage reminds us of priests in the past. While we may view these individuals as perfect and holy, a closer look reveals that they are full of shortcomings or inabilities. However, their lives were always striving towards the pursuit of holiness--- holiness in living, holiness in leading, and holiness in worship.

The passage also shows that when we live in holiness that God answers our call. Whether it may be through a pillar of cloud or the words of a song, He will hear, respond, and deliver. Notice that through the holiness and divinity of these priests, the people they led also experienced God’s deliverance. This is a clear message for us to also strive for holiness so that we can bring deliverance to others.

We have many goals and desires in our lives: to work hard, family life, advance in our careers, and also to live good lives. The passage is challenging us to want more, or in todays words, make holiness---number one goal.

As we are closing another week, let us focus on this challenge and desire holiness as the leaders before us. God doesn’t require us to be perfect, but rather requires us to yearn to be in His presence and to allow others to experience His holiness. Let us exalt the Lord our God for He is Holy.


Dear Lord help us to live divine and holy lives. Be our pillar of cloud as we walk through this world filled with ungodliness. Thank you for Your love through Your Son. Amen!

Holy is the Lord God Almighty, the earth is filled with His Glory. –Chris Tomlin

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum