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                      Compassionate Healing

                              Mark 10:46-52

                   Alex Thomas, Jackson, TN.

...he cried out even more loudly, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” 49 Jesus stood still and said, “Call him here.”

Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, sat on the wayside begging for his daily sustenance. He had heard about Jesus before he actually got an opportunity to meet Him. Bartimaeus recognized who Jesus was and realized that Jesus could heal him. He had the insight to know that his handicap would not hinder his ability to cry out for help. He focused more on his ability than his disability. When he realized that Jesus was passing by, he shouted, “Jesus! Son of David! Have mercy on me!” By doing so, he gave Jesus the highest honor that could be given and it was in accordance with the Prophecy in Isaiah 11:1. His insight made him believe that Jesus was a merciful Messiah. He cried out for mercy, which was a request to grant him something that he did not deserve.

Bartimaeus was physically blind but the people in the crowd who tried to shut him down were spiritually blind as they did not see the possibility of the fulfillment of the will of God through his healing. The crowd did not show him compassion, even though the crowd included a lot of religious people on their way to a religious festival. Helen Keller stated, “Better to be blind and to see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and see nothing.” Even though others tried to discourage Bartimaeus, he shouted even more loudly. Some people will always try to put us down, but in this case, his desire to be healed offset their discouragement. Bartimaeus made use of his opportunity wisely, he overcame the pitiful obstacle of his blindness and the discouragement of others by his persistence.

Jesus stopped and said, call him, Vs.49. The fact that the cry of one man caused Jesus to stand still, is something consoling to all of us. Jesus told the very people who tried to shut Bartimaeus down, to bring him to Jesus. He threw away his “security blanket”, jumped up and came to Jesus. By throwing away the blanket he was placing the world behind him and Jesus before him. In Gen 12:1, we see that God asked Father Abraham to leave his Country, relatives and his father’s home. His faithful obedience brought him manifold blessings. In Luke 9:23, Jesus said, “If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget himself, take up his cross every day and follow me”. Jesus asked Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus answered, “I want to see again.” Thus far in his life, he has been begging for his daily needs but to Jesus, he begged for eye sight. Jesus told him, “Your faith has made you well”. From Luke 18: 43, we could see that four things took place immediately thereafter. He was able to see “at once.” Even though Jesus tried to send him away, he followed Jesus. He gave thanks to God. They all praised God.(Luke 18:43).

We often forget the healing and blessings we receive and go on our own ways. We need to remember that we are blessed to be a blessing. If we cry out to Jesus in our time of need, He is ready to stop and listen and just like Bartimaeus received physical and spiritual healing, we too will be made whole.


Loving Father, we thank thee for being compassionate and listening to our cries for help. Help us to follow in Your footsteps. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

                    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:

The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum