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Fall as the violation of the purpose creation

Psalm 32

Ashley Ajay

St. James MTC, Suffern, NY

"Many are the torments of the wicked, but steadfast love surrounds those who trust in the Lord."

     In life there are three perspectives of how we live our lives-- us, the world, and I. What makes each of these perspectives have a different impact is how we keep God in our lives.
Us. God made each and everyone of us, but do we still have unity? Do we still trust one another? Do we love each other anymore? God has given us the tools to use, it is up to us to use them and make sure we do it with pride knowing that we are the disciples of God. Jesus sacrificed himself  to make our lives better. We are the ones who persecuted him, yet He still rose to inspire each and every one of us. Everything that the Lord does is through His grace. We often lose sight of the One who gave us these blessings. We overlook everything and move on to the next problem or desire. The Psalmist says, “ I will confess my transgressions to the Lord and you forgave me the guilt of my sin”(Psalm 32:5). God removes any guilt, any paranoia, and any worry away from us. Us is togetherness and a concrete and compact way of living in our communities. Church is where this all happens, or should happen, the one place where all the worries fade away and we are surrounded by people who are empowered with love for the Almighty.
Next is the world. God gave us the opportunity of making a difference in this world. We are the ones that have been granted the responsibility to change the world.  
Lastly the I. Who am I? This is the question we all ask ourselves. We sometimes discover this by how we deal with temptations. Job was tested by the Devil. He had to endure many sufferings yet he didn't blame God once. Job only prayed harder, loved God as much as he could, and put his trust in God. In our own lives we have many temptations and many times we may not see God's work in our lives.  Who do we trust during those times? What decisions do we make?
    Now each one of these things have an impact. Every single person has an impact. There is the us-- if we come together, the world -- if we create change, and the “I” --  if we do the right thing.


O’ Lord, let us make the right decisions in our lives, ones that embodies Your will, your commandments. Help us to be enlightened by Your Word and power. Let the whole world see Your glory. In Jesus name we pray Amen.


Make the right decisions with God and all our worries of tomorrow will fade away.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum