Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Fall as the Violation of the Purpose Creation
Steven Tom
St. James MTC, Hillburn, NY

21 "so that, just as sin exercised dominion in death, so grace might also exercise dominion through justification leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

As Christians living in a sinful world, we are challenged to uphold Christian morals and ethics in our everyday lives. At one point, we may fall into temptation and commit a sin before God. Although we may not pass God’s test, we justify our sins by saying. “Nobody is perfect” and “We’re only human”. Then, after repenting our sins before God, we allow ourselves to claim that we are still righteous and holy. However, as Joseph Prince says, “We are not forgiven because we are good. We are forgiven because Christ bore our sins”. Though we strive to do good during our time in this world, we must remember that our actions are not of our own doing, but of God’s graciousness and compassion upon us. Therefore, whenever we accomplish something for the glory of God, we should not lift ourselves up. Instead, we must praise God for giving us the strength and ability to walk in His path, and thank Him for forgiving us, though we are sinners.

    Romans 5: 12-21 explains how sin was brought into the world by one man, Adam, yet it was the result of our many trespasses that caused God to send His beloved Son to die for our sins. Verse 16 says, “Nor can the gift of God be compared with the result of one man’s sin: The judgment followed one sin and brought condemnation, but the gift followed many trespasses and brought justification”. Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross resulted in justification and life for all people. As Christian author Lewis B. Smedes says, “At the cross, God was punishing Jesus for the sins of the world. God’s justice required a penalty from sinners, and in His unspeakable love, He paid the penalty Himself in the person of His crucified Son”. In return for God’s abounding love and forgiveness to us, we must glorify Him in everything that we do and uphold our Christian morals and lead a life away from sin.


Father God, thank You for giving Your one and only Son to atone for our sins. Help us to live a life according to You and give us strength to walk in Your path. Amen.

“Jesus paid a tremendous price for us so we could have abundant life. He willingly took all of our sin on Himself and gave His life on the cross so we could be forgiven and have new life in Him.” - Joyce Meyer