Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Circumcision of our Lord (Gazurtho)
Allen Abraham
St. John’s MTC, New York 
17 God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant that I have established between me and all flesh that is on the earth.”
We are all familiar with this passage - the covenant God made with Noah and his sons. This covenant was unilateral and unconditional. Noah did not ask for this covenant, nor was anything required of him,  but God has kept His promise to this day. To this day, there has never been another flood to destroy the entire earth. This covenant was unconditional to the point that God made another covenant with humanity. In this second covenant, God sent His one and only Son to save the world and give us eternal life. Both of these covenants were made out of love for humanity. However, God does request that we act upon these covenants. We must believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ, we must believe in God, we must love God, our actions must emulate that of Christ, and we must love as Christ loved.
Based on current events, we may believe that the end of the world is coming and we may feel abandoned by God. Amidst all this, while we may feel stripped and circumcised of God’s concern, we as Christians have to remember God’s promise and act upon those promises. We must love as Christ loved. Let us not hate someone because they are different from us. When we see war torn countries or communities ravaged by violence, let us pray for those affected by these tragedies, and then engage in helping them.

Like Noah, every time you see a rainbow, remember God’s promise to us . If God can make a promise to never destroy all of humanity and then proceeds to send His only Son to die for our sins, are we doing everything in our power to act upon these promises. Are we living by the Word and promises of God? If not, we should align our lives to imitate God’s love for us.


Lord, we thank You for Your covenants with humanity. Help us to love and accept You wholeheartedly and live a life that is pleasing to You. Amen.
It is hard to love what is different, but it is easier to spread the gospel from a position of love.