Thursday, December 8, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Marykutty Thomas
St. Thomas MTC, NY
14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”
David praised Jehovah, the Creator of all things according to this epiphany and marveled at God’s design of mankind. The Bible describes David as a man of  God’s own heart. He was obedient, humble and faithful to God. David was handsome, charming, smart, brave and a capable warrior. However, David was also the youngest of his brothers, and was entrusted to take care of his father’s sheep. David accepted this lesser task willingly and applied himself to it, fighting off bears and lions to protect his flock. From there, God lifted him up to become King over Israel. During his time, his people adored him and there was continual prayer and thanksgiving at the Temple of God.
David’s descendant, Joseph, was also a man of duty. The Bible says Joseph, the husband of Mary, was faithful and honest. But before the union of the two, Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit according to God's Holy Will. When Joseph found out that Mary was with child, he planned to divorce her secretly. But God intervened and appeared to Joseph in a dream. God revealed to Joseph that Mary had conceived by the Holy Spirit and that it was God’s will for him to be with Mary. Joseph did what God asked of him. An obedient, humble and submitting heart is what God desires. Both David and Joseph had these features, and both never doubted God.
This humility and submission is exemplified in Christ. After fasting for forty days in the desert, Satan came to Jesus and asked Him to make bread out of stone. Jesus said to Satan, "Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word of God." Jesus chose to give glory to His Father, rather than show His power.  This submission is echoed by Job when marveling at God’s wonders and declaring that the mysteries of the universe were “too wonderful for [him] to know” (Job 42:3). The Psalmist is in similar awe when reflecting on how God watched as he was formed, and how God knows his innermost being.  Job, the Psalmist and Christ were all aware of God’s omniscience and submitted to His perfect knowledge and will.
We all exist to praise and worship the Almighty. In Psalm 119:73, the psalmist is asking God to give him understanding and to learn His commands after acknowledging that it was God’s hand that made and formed him. God has made everyone fearfully and wonderfully, giving everyone an individual fingerprint, DNA, and personality. More than seven billion people on earth have their own identity, each one separate from everyone else. And yet, we are all called to follow the same path.  We are to always remember that our Father in Heaven made us to do His will as He wants. He is our Creator, who guides us and provides everything. David had this understanding and obedience. Joseph and Mary did too. Thank God for the life, the breath, the unique individuality, and the ability to follow Him that each one of us have.
Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the Father, the redeemer of mankind (John 3:16) was sent for us to save us from our sins. Apart from Jesus, we have no hope and can do nothing (John 15:5). However, because of the hope He gives us, we should be thankful! Thanksgiving for the Christian is not meant to be just one day. It should be every day - every minute of our lives. Although Thanksgiving Day in America has just passed, we must continually thank God for the life, provisions and comfort He has given us. Thanks be to our Creator, our Protector, our Redeemer, who shed His blood on Calvary to make us children of God. Thank you Father for this. You have made everyone fearfully and wonderfully, and written our names as believers in Your book (Psalm 139:16).


Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, grant us Your mercy, knowledge and wisdom to know Your commands. Let us do Your will, and please You more every day. Let the Advent season be a blessing to all, and may the world know You as its Creator. Help us to always remember that You are in control, and guide everyone by Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

May our thoughts, words, and deeds be pleasing to our Father in Heaven.