Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Renewal of The Church - Hudos Eetho - Children Expectation of God

Sherin K. Abraham
St. Andrews MTC, NY
5 Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the friends, even though they are strangers to you;
In this passage, John commends Gaius for his hospitality to the missionaries who came bearing the Word of God and encourages him to keep on doing it. During those times, missionaries went from place to place bearing the Gospel to establish new congregations. They depended on believers who were generous to welcome them in their abode. John mentions three people in his letter from whom we can understand how we should and should not demonstrate God’s love to others.

    Gaius’ action spoke louder than his words. John heard about his actions through the words of other evangelists who came to his town (v. 3). His serving mentality as well as his firm belief in the truth led him to become humble and welcoming to others. Diotrephes was a self-serving person who looked out for himself. He participated in spreading false rumors and refused to welcome people who wanted to share the gospel (v. 10). Demetrius was well addressed by others for his kindness (v. 12). He lived faithfully and cared for the truth.

    In many of our churches, the art of hospitality has been lost over time. It is one of the last things in our list of priorities because it requires a lot of sacrifice. In place where we are supposed to imitate the actions of Gaius and Demetrius, we tend to act more like Diotrephes. We become self-centered when we are called to be selfless. Our actions out of love defines us more than doing something out of hesitancy. If we are to live according to the truth of Gospel, it is important that we must be hospitable towards our church leaders, missionaries, evangelists and other faithful members irrespective of who they are. As Christians, we are supposed to work together to support God’s work in any way we can. When we extend our hospitality to them, we are partnering in their ministry and building real relationships based on love.

    In order for church to be renewed, we have to let go of our inhibitions that stops us from being hospitable, and motivate ourselves to serve out of love just as Christ did.


Father God, we pray that You let our hospitality turn into a habit so that we may reflect Your values and strengthen our relationship with others by our service.  Amen.

“Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice Hospitality.” - Romans 12:13