Friday, November 18, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum


Joseph Mattackal D.Min.
Long Island Mar Thoma Church
“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!     Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”
Angel Gabriel appears to Mary with a blessing and a prophecy of good news. The news with which she was greeted by the angel was startling and unexplainable.
Mary probably was dumb founded at this news.  Normal human beings will not be able to comprehend as to what had just happened.   When the angel said, "nothing is impossible for God", Mary believed it.  Her initial fear gave way to the future glory of bringing forth a Savior to the world. She did not waste time thinking about it or contemplating her future.  She did not sit around for a while to sink in her encounter with the angel. She did not think twice about the shame and ridicule she may face in the community or by her fiancé.  
On hearing that her cousin who was barren is six months' pregnant she was excited to celebrate her good news with her cousin.  We read that she hurried to a town in the hill country to meet Elizabeth.
We can see the celebration of joy when they met.  Here we see the meeting of two expectant  mothers who are to bring forth two great men ever lived on planet earth.  Heaven is rejoicing  and the angels are looking down . The expectant mothers are filled with the Holy Ghost.  A warm greeting and embrace! Baby John leaps with joy in the womb sensing the presence of the Lord. What a celebration! What a glorious meeting!  The whole incident transported everyone to the pinnacle of ecstasy.
What we see here is God's divine plan taking shape in the redemption process.  Ultimately, the sinless one shed His precious blood on Calvary and bought us from the bondage of sin. We have to heed to the prodding of the Holy Spirit in us and by faith, we can be part of that redemption.  We have to blindly believe as Mary and give a chance for Jesus to be born in our hearts.  For those who have gone through this process can undoubtedly vouch for the inexplicable joy that envelopes us in this process.
When the Savior was to be born in Mary's womb, she couldn't wait to celebrate that Good News.  When we are favored in the sight of God and conceived by His Holy birth in us, we should have the same excitement.  All the past is gone and a new spiritual being is born.  What a joyous occasion that will be! Just like Mary, we have to hurry and celebrate that good news with our family and friends. We may be subjected  to criticism and ridicule when we act a little different from the norm. Our friends may call us crazy when the new birth experience bring forth a radical change in our lives. Never mind, we are the recipients of Heavenly favor. Celebrate the Good News.
What a joyous celebration that would be! It is contagious. People around us are going to be affected and drawn to Christ. The Holy Spirit is going to work in the minds of others. They will experience the same blessing and excitement as we are. Everyone is going to be filled with the Holy Spirit having fellowship, sharing their experience, mutually enriching and praising God for His favor in making us the sons and daughters of the Most High, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


Dear God! Please help us to celebrate the Good News of Gospel with our family and friends in our daily lives so that we can glorify Your name by witnessing in the life situations You have placed us. In Jesus' name. Amen

"A joy shared is a joy doubled" Swedish Proverb