Sunday, November 13, 2016

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Acts 9:1-15
Abraham Mammen
Epiphany MTC, NY
“Go, for he is an instrument whom I have chosen to bring my name before Gentiles and kings and before the people of Israel; 
Acts Chapter 9 verses 1 to 15 describe the events that culminated in the conversion of Saul of Tarsus to the beloved apostle ‘Paul’. The event is considered as one of the most significant in the era of Christianity since it paved way for the spread of the gospel world-wide.
Verse 15 brings out the essence of these verses …..”But the Lord said to him, go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the gentiles and kings and the children of Israel.”
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace. God revealed the fundamental nature of the Heavenly Kingdom of Christ through Prophet Isaiah centuries before the actual (in human form) birth of the Lord. The verses that we see in Acts 9 outline the way the Holy Spirit brings about God’s purpose to its fulfilment. The disciples were not instructed by the Holy Spirit to defend themselves against the persecution by their own strength. Instead, the Holy Spirit, in a unique display of strength, converts the enemy and renders him powerless against the gospel without any external or human help.
The Bible is very clear that in the course of human history God’s plan of salvation works out exactly according to His predestination (Romans 8:29). In the long chain of humanity from Adam through Apostle Paul and beyond, God has highlighted some points of interest. Since the Lord knows the beginning from the end and end from the beginning, and is the author of human history nothing can thwart His will of accomplishing His purpose with the human race.   
We, as a present day faith community must be well aware of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. We must pray that we also be conformed to His dear son, Jesus Christ our Lord, and be reconciled to God. As the next step we should pick up the banner of the ‘Ministry of Reconciliation’ and be valiant partners in the establishment of the ‘Kingdom of Peace’ in this world.


Dear Lord, choose us to be Your vessel of peace in this world. Amen.


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