Saturday, October 22, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Family – Space for Faith Formation

Rev. Manoj Idiculla
Carmel MTC Boston MA

52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favor.
                       The Church is observing October 23, 2016 Sunday as Christian Family Dedication Day. Family is an institution ordained by God. Family is a divine plan and it’s the place where faith is rekindled, friendship is renewed, fellowship is re-fostered and life is rejuvenated.

                        Families have been and will always be the cornerstone of society.  In recent times, however, the concept of family is being increasingly misunderstood and has even been considered insignificant. Family is a place which defines the limits of each individual and a system that helps to perpetuate both individual and communal identity. Today, most families are struggling to be a ‘real’ family. The challenge for the contemporary families today is to live righteously, taking care of the children and raising them in the fear of God. Our life should be marked by righteous living; diligent and consistent obedience to the Word of God. Family should be a place where fundamental questions are answered and the basic foundation where upon the individual’s thought process and world view is laid.
                       Jesus' growth was in relation to the Church. When a child grows in relation with the Church, he/she gets an opportunity to grow with the people of God, with the Word of God and with God. If we have a good relationship with God, we will have a good relationship with one another. If we move away from God, then we will turn away among ourselves. A Christian home is a home where Christ is loved, trusted, and obeyed sincerely and steadfastly.
                              One thing that we have to always keep in mind is that Family life is one of the greatest experience and we have to keep it safe and going on.


Lord God, help us to build up our family in relation with You and live a life that is worth pleasing in Your sight - AMEN

“Family, it is not a choice of yours, but is God’s gift to you – so handle it carefully”. Bishop Desmund Tutu