Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Remembering and Celebrating Women’s Ministry

 Mrs. Lisha Thomas
W/O of Rev. Thomas Kurian
MTC of Oklahoma

And she said, “I will surely go with you; nevertheless, the road on which you are going will not lead to your glory, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.” vs.9 

                Woman (Eve) created from Man (Adam) in God’s image has been branded the first feminist and hailed as the founder of the New Age movement for her desire for higher wisdom[1].Eve’s story is proof of women’s inferior reason, their innate feminine guile, or their superior daring and courage[2].
                God expects every woman to use her talents and wisdom for the work of His kingdom. The Grace of God encompasses all the wrongdoings and failures that take place on our paths to our eternal destiny. Deborah stands out as an exceptional woman in a male dominated society by taking up her small platform against injustice and oppression- commanding political, social and spiritual authority in biblical history. The meaning of Deborah is “bee”, which means its duty is to give honey but in danger it retaliates with a sting . Deborah, a female judge, in the book of Judges rises from her position of being a mere judge in times of need to win the battle against the Canaanites.
                Deborah –an Israelite judge and prophetess (Jdg.4) was the wife of a certain Lappidoth. Deborah is referred to as “a prophetess”, the only judge thus described (4:4). She held court under a giant palm that stood between Ramah and Bethel and that came to be known as “the palm of Deborah”[3] .Deborah is the only woman in the Bible who is put in political power at the consent of the people. Deborah is patient, trained, and ready[4]. Deborah doesn’t just judge, lead and win in battle. She speaks the truth about the future-acting both as a leader and a prophet[5]. Deborah knew that the deliverance of Israel was God’s work. So her assurance to Barak about God’s deliverance of Israel was with confidence. Deborah fulfils the role of a prophetess by her prophecy that a woman will slay the enemy which turns out to be true with Jael who stabs the leader of the enemy in her tent. Therefore, Deborah’s prophecy comes true. Israel is delivered in battle by God with Deborah at Barak’s side giving the land of Israel peace for forty years. Deborah is credited with pioneering in women’s ministry as a judge and prophetess. Women are expected to come out of their inferior or guilt cells the foundation of which was laid by Eve.

According to Ruth A. Tucker, “As Judge, she is Israel’s military leader as well. No title of commander in chief, but she is expected to see to it that her armed forces prevail in battles against the Canaanites. Another hat that she wears is that of diplomat, a political leader before Israel had a King. She is also a prophet. In that capacity, she directly hears from God and sings a grand song of triumph after the army returns victorious”[6]. Deborah’s extraordinary leadership boils down to a few key points. Start small. Be faithful. Be willing to go big or go home. It’s a winning strategy for any leader in training[7]. God wants every woman to take up roles like Deborah which would mean to have complete faith in the Lord Almighty and act accordingly in times of need. God expects us to be faithful in little things first, though we think we are confident to do ‘much higher important work’.

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Lord, use us as Your instruments to reveal Your integrity and purpose among all, with faithfulness. Amen.
Deborah is used by God because of ‘who she is, not in spite of who she is’ revealing to us that God does not limit his choices to circumstances, culture or even gender ( Dimickle Susan)