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Caring and Accepting the Elderly
Jessie Samuel
St. Andrews MTC, NY
11 Israel said to Joseph, “I did not expect to see your face; and here God has let me see your children also.” 
This is an all too familiar passage for us. When Joseph became a slave, Jacob, his father, thought he was dead and wept in despair. Eventually, God’s plan allowed Jacob to regain not only his son, but his grandchildren as well. Circumstances are never so bad that they are beyond God’s help. We need never to despair because we belong to a loving God!
    Verse 15 tells us how Jacob spoke of God as his shepherd throughout his life. Even in his old age, he could clearly see his dependence upon God. This marks a total attitude change from that of his dishonest youth. To develop an attitude like Jacob’s, we need to allow God to shepherd us as we put our trust in His provision and care. It is far better to trust God and realize that all good things come from Him.
    This passage tells us how Jacob gave the younger grandson Ephraim, instead of his older brother Manasseh, the greater blessing. Jacob refused to listen to Joseph’s objections because God had told him that Ephraim would become greater. God often works in mysterious and unexpected ways. When He chooses people to fulfill His plans, He always goes deeper than appearance or position.

    God can use us to carry out His plans, even if we feel  that we don't  have all the qualifications. All we need to do is listen and obey God's call.


Father, we thank You for renewed grace and a week full of promises. Lead us in Your ways  and fill us with Your joy. Help us to see how You used Jacob at an older age to bless those around him. Guide every decision, every effort we take and let it be for Your glory. Amen

God sometimes surprises us by choosing the less obvious person, at least by human reasoning.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum