Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Education – A Ministry of the Church
Nehemiah 8:1-8

Jaunita John
Epiphany MTC, NY
8 So they read from the book, from the law of God, with interpretation. They gave the sense, so that the people understood the reading.

Many of us are blessed with the ability to go out into the world, pursue a calling, and excel in our respective vocations. As we choose to shoulder the responsibilities that accompany these life decisions, our primary objective through it all should be to exemplify Christian values and—whether through words or by actions—clearly instruct others in how to live a godly life.
Ezra, a priest and a teacher of the law, received the task of bringing out the Book of the Law of Moses. Ezra faithfully read aloud from the Book from daybreak until noon to an attentive assembly. The audience listened as Ezra read from a high wooden platform, where all could see him. Ezra praised God and the people worshipped. Furthermore, the Levites read from the Book of the Law of God in such a way that they provided context and it was understandable to the listeners.
Like how Ezra and the Levites educated the people, so too should we ensure that we minister to our colleagues in our academic, professional, and social lives, and in a suitable fashion. Christian ministry through education does not, of course, need to involve outright evangelization. What is key is that our lives cannot be contradictions that confuse those who spend time with us. Rather, if we find ourselves in a circumstance that invites verbal preaching, we, like Ezra and the Levites, must be certain to convey the Word of God unhesitatingly, concisely, and in a manner that is untainted by our personal failings. Alternatively, if we are educating others through our actions, we must make our Christian decisions boldly, without hypocrisy, and with rationales based accurately in the Word.

There is no shortage of opportunities to educate others about Christ’s love. We should be careful when spreading the Word. We should speak and act confidently and with sincerity. Our intelligence and creative talents should be vehicles to convey praise to our Maker. While carrying out his duties, Ezra “praised the Lord, the great God” (Neh. 8:6). As Christian servants, we must strive to have every one of our utterances and actions bring glory to the One who is the most thorough and patient teacher of them all.  


Lord Jesus Christ, help us to serve others through our daily choices, sharing Your love by both word and deed. We pray for courage, as well as the capacity to speak and act clearly and with meaning. Amen.
The ongoing responsibility of every Christian is the education of one’s peers, whether by speech or action.