Sunday, May 15, 2016

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

1 John 1:1-10

Dr N. P. John
Orlando MTC, Florida

5 This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with him while we are walking in darkness, we lie and do not do what is true; 7 but if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.
One night I was going to the kitchen from my bedroom in the dark. On my way I bumped into many items and at one point even tripped on something. In the dark, there was no distinction between objects and spaces – everything looked the same. When the light came on, I could see not only objects and spaces but also the various colors, shades and textures along my way.
This incident led me to think about Apostle John's proclamation, based on what Jesus told, that God is light and there is no darkness in Him (1:5). Here John makes sure that it is not just his own idea. In verses 1 – 4 he establishes the authenticity of his proclamation. This is true from the beginning of time in union with the Son, who came to this world in flesh. John and his friends has experienced Him personally.
As light, God reveals the truth – the reality. With God there are clear absolutes: right and wrong, in fellowship and out of fellowship just as light and darkness. The world today presents everything without absolutes – that is, there is no clear distinction between good or bad; all depends on the person and circumstance. It is as if walking in the darkness without clear understanding of the surrounding. It is not so with God or with the people who wish to have fellowship with Him.

The absence of darkness in Him reminds us of the purity or holiness of God. This is the unique character that only God possesses. However, it is the ultimate desire of God that His children be holy. That is why Apostle Peter instructs: “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy”” (1 Peter 1:15,16).
Light shines wherever it is allowed to shine and so is God. Of course, He can force light into anyone as in the case of Apostle Paul; but that is not His normal approach. He is a God who knocks at the door of our hearts for us to open so that His light may shine in them (Revelation 3:20). The choice is ours.


Along with the Psalmist let us pray: "You, O Lord, remove darkness and keep my lamp burning; for You alone turns my darkness into light.". (Psalm 18:28)

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9). Think and act.