Saturday, April 30, 2016

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Mission in Christ’s Spirit
Matthew 28:16-20
Rev. Binu C Samuel

Philadelphia Ascension MTC

19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
The historical beginning of the church can be considered as the calling of the twelve to follow Jesus and later sent out as His witnesses. Jesus renewed the sending after His resurrection by giving them a great commission. That universal commission is given in all the Gospels and in Acts in various forms (Mt. 28:16-20, Mk. 16:15-18, Lk. 24:46-49, Jn. 20:21-23, Acts: 1:8).The command to ‘make disciples’ of all nations is the principal imperative verb in the great commission and provides the link between the first disciples and the future disciples.
The risen Lord appeared to His disciples in Galilee. Why Galilee?  Galilee was known as “Galilee of the gentiles” Mt. 4:15. Galileans were the only people who received Jesus, who welcomed and accepted Him Jn.4:45. Jesus deliberately selected this place to reveal that God is a God of universalism not particularism.
Receiving the great commission is a commitment to live out everything that Jesus had instructed. The disciples are expected to practice what He commanded. Jesus can be glorified only through our active mission engagements. Jesus glorified His Father through accomplishing the work assigned to Him. So Mission in Christ's Spirit is nothing but accomplishing the mission entrusted to us. The world today faces a lot of crises. Persecution and terrorism are on the increase. The electronic media made a revolution in the area of communication. But genuine relations are on the decrease. Many African countries face the crisis of malnutrition and internal fights. Islamic world fear the increase of terrorism as they are the worst affected group of it. The communist countries and secular democratic countries like India face the criticism of growing intolerance to its own citizens. Hence the scope of mission is limitless.
Jesus’ form of discipleship transcends ethnic, gender and religious boundaries
The whole intention is to form a new community of faith. The world is facing a severe condition almost similar to the state after the devastating Second World War. The issues of poverty, refugees, terrorism, persecution and severe discrimination in the areas of gender, color and religion are realities of today. When Jesus was in His earthly ministry He demolished all kinds of barriers and deconstructed all kinds of discriminations. Many women were His followers and friends; He accepted the hospitality of so called untouchables like Simon the leper. He touched lepers, ate with them and welcomed all kinds of people who came to Him irrespective of their affinities. The inclusiveness of this commission is evident in the repetition of adjective ‘pas’ (all) all authority, all nations, all that I have commanded, and all days.
Jesus promises eternal presence with His disciples.
This promise gives us an assurance that we cannot be alone in this mission, we can participate in this mission only in Christ’s Spirit


Lord, we commit our lives into Your hands so that we may be filled with Your Spirit to engage more vigorously and passionately in Your mission. Amen
The application of God’s words in our lives can transform many lives.