Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Transforming the Oppressive Structures
Joshua 3
Verghis  Kattapuram

Carmel MTC, Boston MA

"When you come to the edge of the waters of the Jordan, you shall stand still in the Jordan."

Believe  –  Act  –  Wait.
Joshua took over  the  task of leading  Israelites to  the  promised  land after Moses.   He was a good strategist, optimistic leader and strong believer  in the promises  of God.   Joshua adhered to the above three leadership traits in the crossing  of the river Jordan by Israelites  as narrated in Chapter 3.   This  story  teaches  us  many valuable  lessons  for leading an optimistic  and fulfilling  Christian life on earth.

Joshua was  challenged internally (Israelites) and externally (inhabitants of promised land). We all  have  experienced the frustrations of  knowing the  truth but having no one believe us.  Believing is a choice even when we don’t like it.  Acting based on a strong conviction (belief in  the promise of  God) may look like a high risk undertaking  in  the  eyes of  many men/women. However, this is  what  separates a true Christian from all  others.
Waiting is an extension of  the faith and a very difficult (humanly speaking) aspect of task/project undertaking. Waiting should be looked upon positively as preparation(physical, mental and emotional) for the completion of  the  task at hand. Willingness  to wait  may be called a virtue by the name  patience.  What we  think about God has a powerful effect  upon how we do things on earth. In a world with instant information transmission capabilities, the word ‘wait ‘ is not a popular word. Looking at the ways God has acted in the past waiting  is clearly presented  as an essential part of  living. Nature and creation endorse some level of waiting (time lag)  for many earthly activities.  We are expected to embrace waiting as God imposed  rest for  a fullfilling Christian life.


Lord of hosts. please give us the strength to wait and see You acting when we feel like we are hitting a humanly unbreakable barrier.  Thank You for the strength You have given us. Amen..

“  The only Bible some people ever  read is  - Y O U " . Tom Williams.