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Knowing and Doing the Faith

Sherine Thomas
Long Island MTC, NY
11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” 12 He said, “I will be with you; 

Tis a season of transitions. Some are enjoying the fruits of their labor and moving onto the next step in their educational journey. Some are experiencing the joys of relationship and commitment and entering the realm of marital bliss. Some are enjoying summer time fun with their children and loved ones. However, there are some who are struggling to decide what to do next. There are some who are awaiting in anticipation and hope to see what lies ahead. There are some who are searching and seeking for renewed purpose and strength to keep pushing forward in faith and hope. It may be during this season of transition that God calls you out to something far beyond yourself, your dreams and expectations. It may be something that not only challenges your strengths but forces you to confront your greatest weaknesses in such a manner that the only rationale you can find for pursuing such a dream/goal/desire is faith. 

During the time of ancient civilizations, particularly in Egypt, there was a young Egyptian prince who turned rogue after killing an Egyptian in defense of a Hebrew slave.  The reason was, he himself, was the son of a Hebrew slave. This Hebrew rogue prince would soon find some form of comfort, companionship, and community in the middle of exile. However, the memories of home and of his exile would continue to haunt him. The memories and knowledge of his deficits, inadequacies, and failures would continue to befriend and accompany him to such an extent, that even after hearing about God’s rescue plan for his people, a way for his own Hebrew family to be freed from slavery, he would still only have room for fear and doubt.  The questions, doubts, and fears that he placed before God can often be the very same questions we pose to God through our actions, prayers and thoughts on a daily basis. When failure, rejection and doubt become your daily companions you allow impossibilities to rule your life, rather than possibilities.  

When God spoke of the delivery of an entire civilization, Moses spoke of himself and his deficits. When God acknowledged the good times that were to follow, Moses acknowledged Pharaoh and the complications ahead. How often do we think and act like Moses? How often are we afraid to leave behind whatever little comforts we’ve found for a greater purpose? Now think of what Moses would’ve missed out on had he not agreed to partner with God. God would have carried out His will regardless, but Moses would have missed out on witnessing and being part of miracles and wonders that are still spoken of thousands of years later. Moses would have lost the opportunity to have had such a deep and profound relationship with God that was only possible through faith. Moses was able to have a faith that was refined, purified, and defined, all because he took those initial steps of faith instead of being disabled and paralyzed by his fears, weaknesses, and inadequacies.  

When you start seeing the world through God’s eyes and start dreaming with divine inspiration, you can either submit the impossibilities of life at the foot of cross and watch them be resurrected to realities or you chose to walk away because of the impending complications to follow. After all, you’re not experienced in that area, it’s not in your genetic makeup, you have no talent, and someone else would be much better at that job and so on and so forth.  God will hear you out and He will give you the strength, boldness, and courage you need to push forth.  But it’s your choice.  

Are you in or are you out? 


Father God, remind us of who You are and all that You are capable of and silence those voices that cripple us by reminding us of past failures and mistakes.  Instead, enable our hearts and minds to envision how those moments will, can and have been transformed to give you more glory.  Remind us Lord, the impossible ceases to be impossible with you in the center, the unthinkable and unimaginable become achievable with You at the core. Amen

How can we be limited by nature or circumstance when we serve a God who is unlimited by nature or circumstance? 

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum