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Worship the Lord in Truth and Spirit

Rev. Sony Philip
Ebenezer MTC, NY
24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” 

A God who moves is hope for a worshiping Christian Community. We cannot place God in one particular place. Now a days most of the people are trying to place God in one place as deity i.e.; they are not interested in a God who is watching, travelling and correcting them.

True worship leads to meaningful participation and existence in Kingdom of God. Worship should encourage people to take new challenges of life. When we analyze the people of Samaria and the people of Israel who are in a conflict about the place of worship, there were so many rivalries between them. Such kind of worship doesn’t lead to fellowship of life but destruction of relationship.

People like the Samaritan woman faces so much discrimination at that time, even though Jewish people had cultural and spiritual barriers towards Samaritans. Jesus reached out to her and spoke with her. Jesus is not a law breaker, instead He is a reformer of law. Jesus offered eternal life to her, not worldly things, so she understood that He is a Great Master or Messiah. Most of the people have a nature of hurting to such a kind of people but Jesus applied a meaningful method of counseling and brought her back to a meaningful life existence. We are living in a world of sinners, if we face them with prejudgment we can never save them for God.

Jesus said to her, "Quench our thirst not through worldly matters but through living water" - that is Jesus Christ. We know this is a divided world that is divided due to religion, church, caste, etc. Worship on mount of Samaria or Sinai or Jerusalem is not a problem. Worship should be in Spirit and Truth. Truth is Jesus and  that is through worship where restoration should be occur, restoration from death, separation and temptation. Worship is a process of transformation. Through worship, Spirit of God enlightens us and gives us new discernment.
What is the quality of today’s worshiping community?

Most are not living by faith; there is increase in separatism, hatred and disrespect. Holy Spirit will make believers aware of sin, need for right relationships, and responsibility to the world around us. There is a powerful relationship between Truth and Spirit. John's Gospel defines Jesus Himself as Truth, truth is not just proclamation but it should live with integrity and Christian witness. Holy Spirit empowers us to face experiences of the Cross in our faith journey to reveal the authentic truth that is Jesus Christ.


God of Spirit and Truth, help us to understand authentic truth in our different life situations by the help of Your Holy Spirit and help us to lead a Christian witness before and after worship service. Amen.

Christian God is moving God and fellow traveler, not a God of particular space and time.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum