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Christ's Invitation to be an Expression of Mission

Arun Chacko
Staten Island MTC, NY
19 But Jesus[a] refused, and said to him, “Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what mercy he has shown you.” 

How many non-Christian friends and people in your own life know your story? I am not talking about what school you attend or the job you work at; neither do I mean where is your family from and where do you live. These can play an intricate part in our lives and what God has given us, but why do we believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings embodied within our church?

A testimony is powerful tool within the arsenal of a Christian. The Lord has given us all a special story to which we can account to only God's grace. Some of us may have come from extreme poverty and God opened doors for us to overcome that. Others may have had physical infirmities that only God can heal. Each context of our life story is something incredible only God can weave. However, the greatest thing Christ has done for us is that He saved us from our sins on the cross. God has called you out of sin and darkness and through the sacrifice of his Son we have life. That is an incredible fact that only our God can do!

Christ's call to mission is implicitly made known to the demon possessed man in that he requests him to go back to his hometown and tell of the Lord's act of grace. He was so stricken by his issues that he was banished to a graveyard and struck fear in the hearts of the people. After his healing, he just wants to go and stay with Jesus, but Christ requests he go and tell of how he was saved. His people's fear of him is then turned to amazement. Through Christ healing him, the man's eyes are open to who God is and he is compelled to listen Jesus and speak of what God has done for him.

The mercy Christ extends to the demon possessed man is is the same mercy he extends to all of us. That is both an encouraging and humbling aspect in our lives to know that God is willing to forgive the most egregious of mistakes we have done. We must live obedient to Him, and part of that is what he asked of the demon possessed man. Go and tell the people we know that God has saved us and extended the mercy of the forgiveness of sins. Live the life of our church motto: Lighted to lighten. God has equipped you to do so with your own story, physical resources, fellow believers, and His infinite wisdom. That story may inspire many people and encourage those struggling in their walk with God. You'll be amazed at what God can do with an open heart and contrite spirit. Be blessed.


Lord , we pray that you give us the strength to boldly and humbly profess our faith to all those we meet. Help us to remember that our sins and flaws are covered by your grace and sacrifice on the cross. Amen 

Do I understand that Christ has called me to speak my own personal story of God's grace and speak His truth? How am I fulfilling The Great Commission if I keep my story to myself?

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum