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Christ's Invitation to be an Expression of Mission

Dr. Thomas K. Jose
MTC Staten Island, NY

"2 For the Lord, the Most High, is awesome, a great king over all the earth.

In Mark 16: 15 and Mathew 28:16 Jesus gives his disciples the great commission, “Go into the world and preach the good news to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned."

This is our mission today to execute. Jesus is inviting each one of us to know Him personally and then tell others about this free salvation story and redeeming love. We were all sinners and were in the grip of the devil. Now that we are freed by the bloodshed on the cross we cannot sit  quiet. We have to tell one another every day of this sacrificial love and forgiveness we received. Christian missionaries all over the world are engaged in this great responsibility. In order to tell others about Jesus, our relationship with Christ has to grow day by day. As our bond with Jesus increases He will strengthen us and provide opportunities and avenues to convey this message to the world.

In Psalms 47 the author says The Lord most High is awesome beyond words. We cannot understand or describe God completely. But we can tell others what He has done for us. In psalm 150 it says “Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord “Evangelizing the world is the responsibility of each Christ’s disciples and followers.

Jesus is inviting you and me this morning to do this great job. He is tenderly calling us to come to Him. Are we ready to respond this call? Let the almighty Lord strengthen us to do that and exalt His name as He is most worthy of praise and adoration.


Heavenly father we bow before you because you have loved us to the extent of giving your own son Jesus Christ to die for us. You have raised Him from death and thus defeated death for ever. We acknowledge Him as our King and Lord. We are called to testify Him and tell others about the salvation to all the humanity to the end of the world till He comes back. Strengthen us Lord to do that great mission as an individual and as a church. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Jesus is the king of the world. All nations will recognize eventually His Lordship. We are called to do His mission in this world.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum