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Risen Lord in the Workplace

Rev. Abraham Kuruvilla
Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ
7 She said, ‘Please, let me glean and gather among the sheaves behind the reapers.’ So she came, and she has been on her feet from early this morning until now, without resting even for a moment.”

As I write today’s devotion I am reminded of a Gujarati friend of mine with whom I used to work. His name was Bhavesh. We all used to work in the same shift and for the same salary. But, Bhavesh stood apart from all of us. His excitement, energy and die hard attitude to give his 100 percent in the job was there for all to see. Sometimes, we who were his colleagues didn't like it. We used to think he was doing it to get the favors of the superiors. No, he was the same even when they weren't around. He was consistent in his diligence towards his work. It often reminded me and challenged me to be faithful as a Christian in my workplace.

Why are we faithful? What drives us to be faithful? Wealth, promotion, better status, the list goes on and on. But imagine this: can we be faithful and diligent in what we do, knowing that it won’t be recognized, it won’t be acknowledged, it won’t be rewarded? What will drive us to be diligent and honest in our work or study, knowing that we won’t get anything in return.

Such was the plight of Ruth, who was a widow. She had lost everything and she could have chosen perhaps to leave Naomi. But she was faithful to the family she was wedded into. The faithfulness of Ruth was firm and deep. She didn’t stop there. She even went forward and worked to feed Naomi. What could Naomi give back to Ruth: Nothing. The faithfulness of Ruth was unconditional. If that was not enough she worked in a way that would have raised eyebrows either in appreciation or in contempt (vs 6,7). The faithfulness of Ruth was consistent and God rewarded her (vs 8-10). 

Ruth radiated the hope, the truth, the life of Resurrection. Amidst death she flowed with life. 

Are you feeling hopeless in the place that you are working? Resurrection tells you to have hope, for God has plans for you, plans to build you up. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the wrong that exists in your workplace? Then radiate the truth and stand strong in the truth. Do you think there is no life in your workplace, then start encouraging yourself and others and see the power of resurrection. It is not out of expecting something in return that we should work faithfully. We Christians have a tendency to work expecting something. After all, we look forward to the crown and reward of eternal life.

What would it be to be faithful immaterial of whether we Get the crown or not? I think it would be to have a taste of what God experiences in His dealing with us. For no matter how faithful God is to us, we always find an excuse to disappoint God and make God sad again and again. 

So, Let us be faithful to the risen Christ.


Father God, help us to be faithful to you at work even when others will not see. Amen

O Lord, Rise in the delays so that I will see your timeliness,
O Lord, Rise in the laziness so that I will see your promptness,
O Lord, Rise in the loneliness so that I will see your friendliness,
O Lord, Rise in the workplace, so that the place of work will become the place of worship to you.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum