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Built on a Rock

Manna Samuel
Long Island MTC, NY

7 The righteous walk in integrity—happy are the children who follow them!

There is a story in scripture about two men who each needed to build a home. One finished quickly, building on sandy soil. The other man spent months, building his home on a rocky hill. As time passed, a heavy storm came upon both these houses, and the house built on sand swept away, while the other stood firm.

In a series of verses in Proverbs 20, scripture simply traces the details of a righteous life. But every proverb can be drawn down to the shape and understanding of a man’s heart.  That is a heart that is pure, honorable, and diligent. But the molding of this “righteous man” begins with the roots he develops in God’s word (Proverbs 20:7). In Matthew 7, Jesus said that whoever heard and obeyed His word would be like the man that built his home upon a rock. But the foolish one is easily “led astray” come “deep waters” (Proverbs 20:1,5)

The problem isn’t however, understanding this truth. Most of us have grown up having memory verses drilled in us. But unfortunately, that isn’t enough. God calls us to be so immersed in His word, that everything we say and do is shaped by God’s voice. But in a culture, that celebrates speed and façades, scripture study is rarely at the top of our to do list. Moreover we’ve become so good at pretending that what we’re currently rooted in is solid, that we fail to recognize when most of it is made of sand.

The very standards we’ve learned in our homes: a good school, a steady job, and the latest gear, though important, has become the equivalent of a firm foundation. But God warns us against living “on bread alone” (Matthew 4:4). Because when school, work, income, and tech become the epicenter by which you live, then your survival becomes dependent on things that are not impervious to the works of a storm. You are living on sand. But God desires for you to live on His Word. So that in light of deep waters, you will stand above. But this isn’t something to simply know. You need begin the journey of learning God’s Word, because you won’t fully understand the strength of it, or the goodness of the righteousness that follows, until it’s power works in your own life. 


God we pray that our lives would by built by and on your Word. We’re sorry for constantly falling into what the world desires for us, instead of the good that you promise. But we pray that you would remain at the center of our lives. Give us the wisdom and discernment to live a life that is worthy of your name. Amen.
“What else died so that you could be made new? When was the last time the world promised satisfaction, and actually came through? –Jefferson Bethke [Counterfeit Gods]

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum