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Love for the Day is Near

Mercy Babu
St. John's MTC, NY
14 Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

Paul writes this letter to the church in Rome, in order to give them an idea of what it means to belong to Christ. Paul speaks about a debt that all Christians have towards one another. He also reminds us that being a Christian is not an excuse for relinquishing obligations to our fellow men, but rather a reason to fulfill them for both God and others.

Paul’s solution to our debts is to love one another. Love is the fulfillment of the law, while true love prevents us from committing adultery, murder, theft, and other sins. True love respects other people and leads non-believers to Christ. God’s love is an unconditional love, as He gave His one and only Son for our sins. The Word of God challenges us to live a life according to the Will of God with grateful hearts.

The second part of this portion relates a sense of dire urgency. “The hour has come” for the Second Coming of Christ, according to Paul. Therefore, in his life, Paul tries to strengthen the faith of Christians and question existing behaviors to revitalize faith in Christ. Paul encourages and advises his fellow believers to, “put away the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light”. This includes holding on to our faith in Jesus and extending the love of God to others. We must learn to, “clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ” so that we can avoid the world’s sinful desires and temptations.

There may be some in our midst today that have doubts about the Church and the Christian faith. For this reason, we must put on the armor of light and take responsibility for them, both in words and deeds, as disciples of Jesus Christ. We must carry the never-ending debt of loving one another, as well, each and every day of our lives. We may be forced to travel on roads we have never travelled on before, but in these circumstances, we should have faith in Christ. Our lives should bring light to those that are in the dark. 


Father, today help me to remember that the Christian life means constant conflict with the powers of darkness. I know that when I am armed with Your Word, the work of darkness cannot harm me. You have given Your children the best and ultimate protection against all temptations. Thank you through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen

What do you do to inspire the best in your loved ones? Your friends? Neighbors? When we put on Christ’s armor, we take on his mission to bring others to what is right, true, and beautiful.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum