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Visitation of the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth

Rev. Binoy J. Thomas
Diocesan/Bishop's Secretary, Sinai Center, NY

43 And why has this happened to me, that the mother of my Lord comes to me?

God’s intervention in human life is a great reality. People cannot understand or comprehend by themselves. He has a definite plan and purpose. Divine plan is always executed through human participation and cooperation. God chooses people to implement His plan. God selected Mary, a teenage girl for His divine plan. Mary had been chosen, favored by God. This is a strange blessing and yet the same thing also happened in Elizabeth’s life. Here in this passage, Mary made her journey to visit Elizabeth who is also expecting a baby. This is an awesome occasion to meet the two women who will give birth to two special children, John the Baptist and Jesus. God chose them to bring two men who challenged and changed the millions.

There are two signs seen during the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth; the child leapt and Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesies what is to come in Mary’s life. The joy of Mary and Elizabeth shows us the ways of God’s gracious work in human experiences. The fact that these two were expecting was completely unexpected. This blessed visitation leads the first meeting of the two babies who changed the world.

V. 43 reminds us that Elizabeth is very humble, and she came to know that she is not worthy of a great visitation in her life and also understood that it is a great blessing. Elizabeth recognizes the young Mary and received her with a humble heart into her house. Mary sacrifices her comfort and security and submits herself unconditionally. Also, she is willing to obey God. God always uses people who desire to do His will. Mary faced physical danger, abandonment, rejection and a confused heart. But the meeting gave her courage, comfort, and confidence. Her stay with Elizabeth for three months molded the young Mary into the mother of our Lord. The positive energy and the strength she received from this priestly family changed her whole life. Here Elizabeth became a great counselor and mentor, and Mary needed someone she could trust and help her face God’s challenge in her life. She found the perfect person in Elizabeth; she was so kind, older, and willing to hear someone’s problems. With the support and encouragement she received from Elizabeth, Mary prepared her total trust in God.

We are expecting blessings from God for our physical needs and pleasures. If anything unexpected happens in our lives, we become desperate and reject everything. There are lot of challenges and questions in front of us. We should think that our presence, interaction, words, inclusiveness, and openness will change those who have abounded us. How can we change our life to be a blessing to others? Our attitudes should change and our faith in God which is revealed through our actions. So our faith is our response to God’s grace. Our personal experience with God should be a blessing to others. Mary remained blessed among women. 


Dear Lord fill us with Your spirit and increase our faith to face our problems and difficulties in our life, and help us to be a blessing to others.
Blessedness comes through humility.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum